Woodhall kicked our ass today. Not that I played or anything. Patrick was really good… Benny and Gee were definitely good offensively as well. Derek, Cheryl, and Irene seemed the best at defense. It was pretty damn fun to yell crap at the other team. Okay, and my own team. Because I like talking crap at everyone. The ref told me to be nice when I called Andy four eyes. Yeah alright, I’m bored of this blogging shit. But I’m bored of everything else too. Okay bye.

1 thought on “Dodgeball

  1. Thirsty Wolf

    At least:
    A- You have more than two people you can talk to.
    B- Not go to a school full of people who deny logic.
    C- People comment on your site.
    D. You are not ataxic.

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