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I’ve been trying to clean up WebPageless lately by removing everything extra that it doesn’t need. While VNCing in today, I got that remote shutdown window with 59 seconds remaining. Looks like I got a worm. Now I gotta clean it out over VNC >_>

FIRST Robotics

I was asking Andy and Vince if they ever go to Chatsworth HS, and they did every year for robotics. I talked about how we made it to the finals because we were picked by one of the winning teams to be on its alliance. I told the story of us spinning on the enemy’s extender in order to fake entanglement, disqualify the opponent, and win. Andy remembers it. He was sitting on the sidelines at the time. How fucking awesome!

CSE 22 Project 3

Correctness: 10
+) Very well done! You have passed all the tests.
Style: 10
-) When you report a fatal error, it is better to give the line number at
the same time
+) Coding is very clear and well structured.
+) You have handled the execution loop very nicely by having a “keepRunning”
variable in the programState class.
+) Good you have proper comments to give enough information about the
+) Naming of classes, methods and variables is good.
+) Good you have all fields private.
+) Nice quality of coding.

Gemma’s Birthday

Yesterday was Gemma’s birthday! I went over to her place at 11:30 so I could be there when it became midnight and her birthday. We talked and cuddled for a while, and then I gave her a gift. I bought her a Pucca doll and put it in a basket surrounded by tissue paper. I made her a card too. She seemed to like it! I read her a birthday story too and ended up falling asleep there. Then, after class, we went out to the Steelhead Brewery for dinner. Very tasty. She has two midterms tomorrow (Wednesday), but I hope it was a good day for her. I tried to make it a happy day!

Weekend So Far

On Friday I went to Albertson’s with Will and Patrick. Will bought a lot of tasty food. Afterwards, Gemma and I went to return The Grudge and then went to Albertson’s. She bought a coloring book… Cartoon Cartoons from Cartoon Network. Pretty cool. We were gonna start coloring, but I was tired, so went to bed.
Saturday morning we went to breakfast, and then I went out with Will and Patrick to do some shit (successfully!). Then I went to my mom’s house. I’m not sure if I can go out there for my birthday so I got my birthday gifts that day. I got a cool shirt, Tao Te Ching, and The Tao of Physics. Very cool stuff. My brother gave me a small Tigger plushie. He said that when I’m angry or frustrated, I could punch it and pretend it’s him. I love James, lol. We watched The Incredibles that night, which is a good movie. Made me think of Gem. I also sorted all of my paperwork. It needed to be done.
When I got back, I went to Lee’s and Jack-in-the-Box with Gem. I bought a bobble-head Anteater from Jack-in-the-Box, then came back to Evenstar to eat. I tried to do laundy, then watch a movie while eating. Well, my movies wouldn’t work. But neither would a good original. It was the cable. So I switched cables. It still didn’t work. The common room’s RCA jacks are bad. I left a note on the white board downstairs (it was erased the next day. Maybe I shouldn’t cuss in it) and threw the marker down. My food was getting cold. And I had to wash my clothes three times because, I guess, I added too much soap. So my food got cold, but it was still pretty good. I watched cartoons with Gemma and colored a Dexter’s Laboratory picture. Now I was really tired so I went to bed. Gemma waited for my laundry and took my clothes out for me because I was too tired. Isn’t she great? I love her! Then she woke up, and we went back to Gondolin.
I woke up today around 2:30, came back here, did laundry, took a shower, and then went out to eat. I went with Gem, Toni, Jon, and Gabby. We drove around looking for a place, and Gemma chose Sumo: Sushi & Seafood Buffet. It came to about $140 for the five of us, but wow, it was delicious. I’d love to go back sometime. Toni was even happy with it, although he doesn’t see what we see in a lot of the seafood. He did try some new foods that day, so it was probably pretty cool for him. When we got back, I ended up going with Chris, Vince, and Kevin back to The Shire to play Magic: The Gathering. Yeah, I know. But, whatever, I’m a loser. It was really fun to play. A Shireling, Paul, has a box of cards because he’s a ref. He said he’ll do a draft next Saturday night no charge. Should be fun! Oh, and I got my FAFSA pin today! Yay. Okay bye.


Pete called me today. My computer wasn’t ready. I went back to sleep. I woke up around 12:30 to Toni telling me about the ICS midterm. Russell called and ate with us. It was cool to see him again; it’d been a while. CSE lecture was interesting. Some more information about interfaces clicked in my mind for me. Plus, weird things kept happening to Thornton (see previous WebPageless entry). During class, I also got a lot further in BeBop! Yay for money in the game! Writing was interesting too. I enjoy that class a lot. I was thinking about my story throughout class, and I think I have a pretty good idea for a story now. It’s 10-20 pages and is due a week from Tuesday. I’ll start this weekend I think. I need to start the ICS project too.
After all my classes, I just chilled for a few hours. I went to Taco Bell with Jaysen and ate while watching Family Guy. Then, around 10:30, we watched Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie with Patrick. It ended though, and I got bored. I found Jin and Jackie outside so went to hang out with them. Gemma came over, and it was great to see her as usual. She gives wonderful hugs 🙂 We pushed two couches together and laid together. She left around two o’clock, I think. I talked to a girl from first floor and her bf who lives off campus. I can’t remember either of their names, but they were both cool. Oh, and I got her and Jackie’s laptops to get on the wifi network. I also talked with Allison Tsao for a while. She’s really cool, and I’m glad I’m getting to know her. Around 5, everyone else went to bed. It was raining, and I like the rain, so I went for a walk. I didn’t take a jacket because I wanted to feel the weather a bit, and I took Toni’s umbrella. I didn’t use it the whole time because I wanted to feel some rain, but I didn’t want to get soaked. Plus, I think the sound of the rain hitting the umbrella is really beautiful. Forecasts say it’ll rain for a while. I’m happy.

Thornton in a Horror Film

Thornton: Do you guys hear that? That’s not a fire alarm, is it?
Student: It’s a death ray.
Thornton: Oh crap! *looks at the door next to him* And it’s comin’ from right outside that door!
A few minutes pass. The phone rings once. He looks at it.
Thornton: Oh God, and now the phone’s ringing. Scary. And we’re in the building with a nuclear reactor.
A half hour passes. The door opens wide by itself.
Thornton: It’s like a horror film!

Wake Up, Ron Burgundy

Wake Up, Ron Burguny is a very funny… “sequel” to Anchorman. It’s made up of deleted and alternate scenes from the original with new narration. It uses a subplot about a gang, The Alarm Clock, that was removed from the original. If you thought the original was okay, then you might not think this is that great, but if you really liked the original, you’ll like this. It might not be as good, but it’s definitely really funny, and it’s cool to see the alternate versions! Very happy.


I woke up around 12:40 and got ready to go. Ate at Brandywine with Andy. It was crap as usual. I felt sick, but by the time I got to class around 1:45, I felt better. I waitied for Gemma outside, and then went and took the test. I think it was easy. I got out a half hour early so I listened to music in Aldrich Park on my iPod. Fictional writing was fun as usual. I came back here and took a nap. I woke up and listened to Jaysen complain about Gem spending the night and us being loud even though he’s always really loud while Toni sleeps. She was sleeping the whole time anways while I was doing homework. No matter, I don’t care. Then I got up and left for no reason. There was some live music that was good at Cornerstone Cafe so I stayed and listened. I really enjoyed it. Then I went to the Humanities Lecture Hall to go to the bathroom and sit around. I came back about an hour after that, but didn’t stay long. I went to Taco Bell for dinner. Then it was shower time. And now I’m here. I guess I’ll do my homework that’s due Thursday.

Valentine’s Day

I woke up around 1:00 today. After eating, I ran off to linear algebra. I didn’t really pay attention. We’re doing linear approximation. I did, however, play Warfare Incorporated quite a bit. Afterwards I talked with Gemma a bit and then came back to my dorm to work on my poem thing. I did some laundry, took a shower, and at seven, went to the ICS midterm review. I think it was helpful, and I liked the guy in charge. Then Gem and I went to the student center for dinner. We ate a place called China Town. The food was really good I thought. The service however wasn’t so good. But no matter, I was out with Gemma, and that’s what mattered. I had a really good time with her. Sadly, when I got back here, it was time for more homework. I finished the poem, read a story from a book, wrote a response, read two stories (one 17 and one 12 pages) written by peers, and wrote two critiques. That takes me up to now, 4:30. Gemma’s sleeping in my bed right now. I’m gonna wake her soon so we can study for our CSE22 midterm that’s in nine and a half hours. I think I’ll do well. I hadn’t realized Thornton had put together a nice study guide for us. Okay, I’m off!
Listening to: Motherly’s The Jealous Eve

Linear Algebra Midterm

I got my Math 2J midterm score today. Once again, ditching a shitload of class is fine. I got a 52/60. The highest was 58 and lowest 6 with an average of 35.6. Only 5 people got between 52 and 58. ^_^

Movie Night

Evenstar now has this movie night thing… once a week there’s a club meeting to watch movies. It’s gonna take place on the second floor common room, and they want to use Toni’s projector. God, that pisses me off. So after we start watching movies every weekend, they want to use Toni’s projector in our common room to watch movies? Fuck you guys, go to your own floor and watch your own movies on your own projector. Not only is that being pretty fucked up by stealing our idea and space, but also it costs Toni money because the fucking bulbs are expensive.


The weekend’s here.
This week was so full of school work. It really sucked. Patrick said when he saw me, I looked like I wanted to kill myself. The linear algebra midterm went alright. If everything I thought I got right was right and everything I guessed on was wrong, I’ll get an 80%. The instructor doesn’t know if he’s gonna curve it yet. I missed Live Nude People last night. First time I’ve missed one since I started going. I didn’t think it would work, but we tried to go late. It was packed, and it didn’t work. I watched Garden State in Gondolin”s common room instead. I’m glad I had seen it before. People kept talking during parts. That’s why only repetitive stupid comedies should be watched in common rooms. I spent the night at Gem’s. Now I’m up early because she had to wake up to go somewhere. Now though, the week is nice and over.

Jon on Smoking

[02/10/2005-02:29:54] TheUser04: so
[02/10/2005-02:29:55] *** Auto-response from Jonathan: You know, it’s true — nobody ever really quits. You just stop for a while. A smoker’s a smoker, when the chips are down. And your chips are down, pal. You’re sucking sidewalk.
[02/10/2005-02:30:00] TheUser04: word around the office is that you have a fat cock
[02/10/2005-02:30:11] TheUser04: …are you quitting?
[02/10/2005-15:39:13] Jonathan: hardly
[02/10/2005-15:39:13] *** Auto-response sent to Jonathan: class
[02/10/2005-15:39:21] Jonathan: uh, to the second part

Dead System Board

As you can guess from the title, I found out that Zot’s system board needs replacing. It’s being ordered now. The screen needed to be tightened, and part of the case needed to be replaced. Not everything was covere, but Pete had Toshiba issue an exception code. Hopefully I’ll get my laptop back soon.

Project 2

Correctness: 10
+) File is read in successfully!
+) Good you did error checking when user wants to add a voter with the same
SSN as one existing voter. It is the same with polling places.
+) Very well done! Program is correct and robust. I wasn’t able to crash
it or get it to misbehave.
Style: 10
-) It would be better if you print out the voters or polling places in a
nice format.Use the String.format()
+) Very nice user interface! But you can still improve it by giving user
information regarding whether or not his/her operation is successful.
Furthermore, if the list is empty, print something to tell the user about it
if he/she would like to list the voters or polling places.
+) Well structured. Good you broke the go() of VoteUI into several pieces
+) Good you have proper comments
+) Good you have all fields private
+) Good naming for methods/variables
*) A minor thing: I don’t think it is necessary to create a MenuExecution
class since the VoteUI is enough for dealing with command execution.
Furthermore, all the variables related to the operations are all stored in
the VoteUI, it is not necessary to pass all of them as parameters to the

Project 3

I think I finished project 3. I’ve never finished early before. Still need to add comments and such though. Maybe do some more testing just to make sure. Yay.
Now I gotta do math hw, reading and a critique by Thursday. And study for Friday’s midterm.

HW, Bondfire

I’m pretty talkative. And apparently, the amount I talk is proportional to my BAC.
I went to math lecture today. Gotta go to everything because the midterm is on Friday. CSE midterm is next Tuesday. I don’t have homework due until Thursday, but I have reading, a critique, and math hw due Thursday, a midterm on Friday, and a CSE project due Friday. The project’s due at 11:59 PM on Friday, but I want to have everything done so I can go see LNP.
Bondfire was tonight. Only about 11 people went. I had fun though. Lots of climbing on people and generally gay behaviour. And I ate a smore. Mmm, smore. When we were leaving, I opened my car window, looked at all the expensive homes, and yelled “Veronica Corningstone and I had sex and now we are in love!” Then we drove away rather quickly.
Okay, I’m off to do hw.


Had a good time last night… times seven or eight maybe. Made a big mess in my room… dirty clothes everywhere. I had tried to get my shorts out of my hamper but ended up spilling it everywhere. Couldn’t make it on to my top bunk either. Quite a bit of falling down too. I went upstairs to talk to Jackie and ended up sleeping in her room. Jin wasn’t there so I used her bed. Good times.

BJ’s, Love Actually at Gemma’s, The Grudge at Mom’s

On Friday I went to BJ’s for Stef’s birthday. I went with Stef, Sarah, Tim, John, Andy, Vince, Chris, and Jon C. While we were waiting for a table, we went to a music store. We all got carded for being in the adult section. At the restaurant, John and I kept watching two young, attractive women (mid-twenties?) with children. Sarah filmed us after we ate and shot the two women too. Then she filmed us from a distance (from the other side of the women) to get them from another angle. It was pretty funny. After we got back, I hung out for a while waiting for Gemma and then went to Gondolin to watch Love Actually. It was loud there though so I didn’t catch a lot. I’d like to watch it again. Right now I’m at my mom’s house, and we just watched The Grudge. That was an awesome movie. Really great.


Pete gave my laptop to the repair center on Monday. He gave them the following instructions:
The unit boots intermittently and displays inappropriate characters
during the POST phase of boot and while in the Windows Environment
The top cover assembly is loose
The plastic on the left side, closest to the back of the unit may be
The unit overheats periodically (even while sitting on a smooth surface)
leading to shutdown without notice. At these times the bottom of the
unit is very hot to the touch.
To do a software recovery of the hard drive when he has completed the
hardware repair.
To call me here or on my cell if the issue is NOT covered under
warranty. In this event I would have a Channel Account Representative
here issue an exception code to have the unit repaired for free.
If possible to deliver the unit to Peter at UCI.

I called today, and they had just checked it in. They said they’d call me back in a couple of days. Hopefully it won’t take too long.

CSE 22 Project 2

Project 2 was pretty fun, but come Monday night, I was stumped. It turns out I was creating new iterators rather than passing around the same one. Then I realized that my linked lists were referenced in two classes, but they weren’t the same linked lists. I fixed everything and finished my commenting at 11:56. Had the whole thing uploaded by 11:57. Two minutes to spare. didn’t work though. Oh well… maybe I’ll do better next time.

Live Nudes, Dinner, Hemp, Lanyards, No Fear

Haven’t updated in a while. MT keeps fucking up when I add new entries, which makes me not want to update as much.
On Friday I went to see Live Nudes with Gemma, Jackie, Jin, and Alison. It was a lot of fun. We got to see one new member of LN, and she seemed pretty good. The theme was justice. One person who dressed up was Justice Man. He wore paper bags all over himself and had a justice fist, a fist on an umbrella. He could press the release button to shoot his justice fist forward. Everyone loved him.
Last Saturday I went out to dinner with Pete and Mom. We went to a restaurant called Scott’s. Holy shit it was good. We split calamari and crab cake, and I had a caesar salad, medium rare filet mignon with mashed potatoes and green beans, chocolate riot cake, and lots of coke. The filet mignon was so pink… the center was like dark red. It was amazingly delicious. The meal came to over $220. That’s just crazy, but it was so good. I was so full too… man, I haven’t had a meal that good that I can remember. Damn. That night we watched Thirteen Days. Great movie about the Cuban Missile Crisis.
When I got back to the dorms, I found that there were a lot of drunk people. I don’t want to go into details on what they did who they were because I don’t want to get them in trouble. However, I will say that there was some crazy shit. Person A pulled paper towels out of a toilet that person B was pissing in and proceeded to throw them at person B. Crazy.
On Sunday I went to a hemp jewelery workshop. It was fun. I wasn’t that good. Oh well. We also made lanyards. I took six pieces of extra string so I could try to make something else on my own later.
I found a Sobe No Fear in the vending machine yesterday. Eric said it would make me all jumpy and crazy. I didn’t think energy drinks actually worked. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t really give me energy. I like those Adrenaline Rushes, but they don’t do anything for me energy-wise either.