Live Nudes, Dinner, Hemp, Lanyards, No Fear

Haven’t updated in a while. MT keeps fucking up when I add new entries, which makes me not want to update as much.
On Friday I went to see Live Nudes with Gemma, Jackie, Jin, and Alison. It was a lot of fun. We got to see one new member of LN, and she seemed pretty good. The theme was justice. One person who dressed up was Justice Man. He wore paper bags all over himself and had a justice fist, a fist on an umbrella. He could press the release button to shoot his justice fist forward. Everyone loved him.
Last Saturday I went out to dinner with Pete and Mom. We went to a restaurant called Scott’s. Holy shit it was good. We split calamari and crab cake, and I had a caesar salad, medium rare filet mignon with mashed potatoes and green beans, chocolate riot cake, and lots of coke. The filet mignon was so pink… the center was like dark red. It was amazingly delicious. The meal came to over $220. That’s just crazy, but it was so good. I was so full too… man, I haven’t had a meal that good that I can remember. Damn. That night we watched Thirteen Days. Great movie about the Cuban Missile Crisis.
When I got back to the dorms, I found that there were a lot of drunk people. I don’t want to go into details on what they did who they were because I don’t want to get them in trouble. However, I will say that there was some crazy shit. Person A pulled paper towels out of a toilet that person B was pissing in and proceeded to throw them at person B. Crazy.
On Sunday I went to a hemp jewelery workshop. It was fun. I wasn’t that good. Oh well. We also made lanyards. I took six pieces of extra string so I could try to make something else on my own later.
I found a Sobe No Fear in the vending machine yesterday. Eric said it would make me all jumpy and crazy. I didn’t think energy drinks actually worked. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t really give me energy. I like those Adrenaline Rushes, but they don’t do anything for me energy-wise either.

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  1. "Briana"

    Thirt*en Days is a REALLY fucking good movie. I loveses it with my penis. Also, Jesus touches me…s*xually…

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