Pete gave my laptop to the repair center on Monday. He gave them the following instructions:
The unit boots intermittently and displays inappropriate characters
during the POST phase of boot and while in the Windows Environment
The top cover assembly is loose
The plastic on the left side, closest to the back of the unit may be
The unit overheats periodically (even while sitting on a smooth surface)
leading to shutdown without notice. At these times the bottom of the
unit is very hot to the touch.
To do a software recovery of the hard drive when he has completed the
hardware repair.
To call me here or on my cell if the issue is NOT covered under
warranty. In this event I would have a Channel Account Representative
here issue an exception code to have the unit repaired for free.
If possible to deliver the unit to Peter at UCI.

I called today, and they had just checked it in. They said they’d call me back in a couple of days. Hopefully it won’t take too long.