BJ’s, Love Actually at Gemma’s, The Grudge at Mom’s

On Friday I went to BJ’s for Stef’s birthday. I went with Stef, Sarah, Tim, John, Andy, Vince, Chris, and Jon C. While we were waiting for a table, we went to a music store. We all got carded for being in the adult section. At the restaurant, John and I kept watching two young, attractive women (mid-twenties?) with children. Sarah filmed us after we ate and shot the two women too. Then she filmed us from a distance (from the other side of the women) to get them from another angle. It was pretty funny. After we got back, I hung out for a while waiting for Gemma and then went to Gondolin to watch Love Actually. It was loud there though so I didn’t catch a lot. I’d like to watch it again. Right now I’m at my mom’s house, and we just watched The Grudge. That was an awesome movie. Really great.