Project 2

Correctness: 10
+) File is read in successfully!
+) Good you did error checking when user wants to add a voter with the same
SSN as one existing voter. It is the same with polling places.
+) Very well done! Program is correct and robust. I wasn’t able to crash
it or get it to misbehave.
Style: 10
-) It would be better if you print out the voters or polling places in a
nice format.Use the String.format()
+) Very nice user interface! But you can still improve it by giving user
information regarding whether or not his/her operation is successful.
Furthermore, if the list is empty, print something to tell the user about it
if he/she would like to list the voters or polling places.
+) Well structured. Good you broke the go() of VoteUI into several pieces
+) Good you have proper comments
+) Good you have all fields private
+) Good naming for methods/variables
*) A minor thing: I don’t think it is necessary to create a MenuExecution
class since the VoteUI is enough for dealing with command execution.
Furthermore, all the variables related to the operations are all stored in
the VoteUI, it is not necessary to pass all of them as parameters to the

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