Jon on Smoking

[02/10/2005-02:29:54] TheUser04: so
[02/10/2005-02:29:55] *** Auto-response from Jonathan: You know, it’s true — nobody ever really quits. You just stop for a while. A smoker’s a smoker, when the chips are down. And your chips are down, pal. You’re sucking sidewalk.
[02/10/2005-02:30:00] TheUser04: word around the office is that you have a fat cock
[02/10/2005-02:30:11] TheUser04: …are you quitting?
[02/10/2005-15:39:13] Jonathan: hardly
[02/10/2005-15:39:13] *** Auto-response sent to Jonathan: class
[02/10/2005-15:39:21] Jonathan: uh, to the second part