The weekend’s here.
This week was so full of school work. It really sucked. Patrick said when he saw me, I looked like I wanted to kill myself. The linear algebra midterm went alright. If everything I thought I got right was right and everything I guessed on was wrong, I’ll get an 80%. The instructor doesn’t know if he’s gonna curve it yet. I missed Live Nude People last night. First time I’ve missed one since I started going. I didn’t think it would work, but we tried to go late. It was packed, and it didn’t work. I watched Garden State in Gondolin”s common room instead. I’m glad I had seen it before. People kept talking during parts. That’s why only repetitive stupid comedies should be watched in common rooms. I spent the night at Gem’s. Now I’m up early because she had to wake up to go somewhere. Now though, the week is nice and over.