I woke up around 12:40 and got ready to go. Ate at Brandywine with Andy. It was crap as usual. I felt sick, but by the time I got to class around 1:45, I felt better. I waitied for Gemma outside, and then went and took the test. I think it was easy. I got out a half hour early so I listened to music in Aldrich Park on my iPod. Fictional writing was fun as usual. I came back here and took a nap. I woke up and listened to Jaysen complain about Gem spending the night and us being loud even though he’s always really loud while Toni sleeps. She was sleeping the whole time anways while I was doing homework. No matter, I don’t care. Then I got up and left for no reason. There was some live music that was good at Cornerstone Cafe so I stayed and listened. I really enjoyed it. Then I went to the Humanities Lecture Hall to go to the bathroom and sit around. I came back about an hour after that, but didn’t stay long. I went to Taco Bell for dinner. Then it was shower time. And now I’m here. I guess I’ll do my homework that’s due Thursday.