Weekend So Far

On Friday I went to Albertson’s with Will and Patrick. Will bought a lot of tasty food. Afterwards, Gemma and I went to return The Grudge and then went to Albertson’s. She bought a coloring book… Cartoon Cartoons from Cartoon Network. Pretty cool. We were gonna start coloring, but I was tired, so went to bed.
Saturday morning we went to breakfast, and then I went out with Will and Patrick to do some shit (successfully!). Then I went to my mom’s house. I’m not sure if I can go out there for my birthday so I got my birthday gifts that day. I got a cool shirt, Tao Te Ching, and The Tao of Physics. Very cool stuff. My brother gave me a small Tigger plushie. He said that when I’m angry or frustrated, I could punch it and pretend it’s him. I love James, lol. We watched The Incredibles that night, which is a good movie. Made me think of Gem. I also sorted all of my paperwork. It needed to be done.
When I got back, I went to Lee’s and Jack-in-the-Box with Gem. I bought a bobble-head Anteater from Jack-in-the-Box, then came back to Evenstar to eat. I tried to do laundy, then watch a movie while eating. Well, my movies wouldn’t work. But neither would a good original. It was the cable. So I switched cables. It still didn’t work. The common room’s RCA jacks are bad. I left a note on the white board downstairs (it was erased the next day. Maybe I shouldn’t cuss in it) and threw the marker down. My food was getting cold. And I had to wash my clothes three times because, I guess, I added too much soap. So my food got cold, but it was still pretty good. I watched cartoons with Gemma and colored a Dexter’s Laboratory picture. Now I was really tired so I went to bed. Gemma waited for my laundry and took my clothes out for me because I was too tired. Isn’t she great? I love her! Then she woke up, and we went back to Gondolin.
I woke up today around 2:30, came back here, did laundry, took a shower, and then went out to eat. I went with Gem, Toni, Jon, and Gabby. We drove around looking for a place, and Gemma chose Sumo: Sushi & Seafood Buffet. It came to about $140 for the five of us, but wow, it was delicious. I’d love to go back sometime. Toni was even happy with it, although he doesn’t see what we see in a lot of the seafood. He did try some new foods that day, so it was probably pretty cool for him. When we got back, I ended up going with Chris, Vince, and Kevin back to The Shire to play Magic: The Gathering. Yeah, I know. But, whatever, I’m a loser. It was really fun to play. A Shireling, Paul, has a box of cards because he’s a ref. He said he’ll do a draft next Saturday night no charge. Should be fun! Oh, and I got my FAFSA pin today! Yay. Okay bye.