Gemma’s Birthday

Yesterday was Gemma’s birthday! I went over to her place at 11:30 so I could be there when it became midnight and her birthday. We talked and cuddled for a while, and then I gave her a gift. I bought her a Pucca doll and put it in a basket surrounded by tissue paper. I made her a card too. She seemed to like it! I read her a birthday story too and ended up falling asleep there. Then, after class, we went out to the Steelhead Brewery for dinner. Very tasty. She has two midterms tomorrow (Wednesday), but I hope it was a good day for her. I tried to make it a happy day!

1 thought on “Gemma’s Birthday

  1. awwwwwwwwww

    Too cute. :). Hey, I told Mexican that I’d be over sometime this week, so hustle your behind back to the dorms after class Thursday morning! ‘Cause I’m paying you a visit, sucker! EWHIHTWIO!

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