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Thornton in a Horror Film

Thornton: Do you guys hear that? That’s not a fire alarm, is it?
Student: It’s a death ray.
Thornton: Oh crap! *looks at the door next to him* And it’s comin’ from right outside that door!
A few minutes pass. The phone rings once. He looks at it.
Thornton: Oh God, and now the phone’s ringing. Scary. And we’re in the building with a nuclear reactor.
A half hour passes. The door opens wide by itself.
Thornton: It’s like a horror film!

Wake Up, Ron Burgundy

Wake Up, Ron Burguny is a very funny… “sequel” to Anchorman. It’s made up of deleted and alternate scenes from the original with new narration. It uses a subplot about a gang, The Alarm Clock, that was removed from the original. If you thought the original was okay, then you might not think this is that great, but if you really liked the original, you’ll like this. It might not be as good, but it’s definitely really funny, and it’s cool to see the alternate versions! Very happy.


I woke up around 12:40 and got ready to go. Ate at Brandywine with Andy. It was crap as usual. I felt sick, but by the time I got to class around 1:45, I felt better. I waitied for Gemma outside, and then went and took the test. I think it was easy. I got out a half hour early so I listened to music in Aldrich Park on my iPod. Fictional writing was fun as usual. I came back here and took a nap. I woke up and listened to Jaysen complain about Gem spending the night and us being loud even though he’s always really loud while Toni sleeps. She was sleeping the whole time anways while I was doing homework. No matter, I don’t care. Then I got up and left for no reason. There was some live music that was good at Cornerstone Cafe so I stayed and listened. I really enjoyed it. Then I went to the Humanities Lecture Hall to go to the bathroom and sit around. I came back about an hour after that, but didn’t stay long. I went to Taco Bell for dinner. Then it was shower time. And now I’m here. I guess I’ll do my homework that’s due Thursday.

Valentine’s Day

I woke up around 1:00 today. After eating, I ran off to linear algebra. I didn’t really pay attention. We’re doing linear approximation. I did, however, play Warfare Incorporated quite a bit. Afterwards I talked with Gemma a bit and then came back to my dorm to work on my poem thing. I did some laundry, took a shower, and at seven, went to the ICS midterm review. I think it was helpful, and I liked the guy in charge. Then Gem and I went to the student center for dinner. We ate a place called China Town. The food was really good I thought. The service however wasn’t so good. But no matter, I was out with Gemma, and that’s what mattered. I had a really good time with her. Sadly, when I got back here, it was time for more homework. I finished the poem, read a story from a book, wrote a response, read two stories (one 17 and one 12 pages) written by peers, and wrote two critiques. That takes me up to now, 4:30. Gemma’s sleeping in my bed right now. I’m gonna wake her soon so we can study for our CSE22 midterm that’s in nine and a half hours. I think I’ll do well. I hadn’t realized Thornton had put together a nice study guide for us. Okay, I’m off!
Listening to: Motherly’s The Jealous Eve

Linear Algebra Midterm

I got my Math 2J midterm score today. Once again, ditching a shitload of class is fine. I got a 52/60. The highest was 58 and lowest 6 with an average of 35.6. Only 5 people got between 52 and 58. ^_^

Movie Night

Evenstar now has this movie night thing… once a week there’s a club meeting to watch movies. It’s gonna take place on the second floor common room, and they want to use Toni’s projector. God, that pisses me off. So after we start watching movies every weekend, they want to use Toni’s projector in our common room to watch movies? Fuck you guys, go to your own floor and watch your own movies on your own projector. Not only is that being pretty fucked up by stealing our idea and space, but also it costs Toni money because the fucking bulbs are expensive.


The weekend’s here.
This week was so full of school work. It really sucked. Patrick said when he saw me, I looked like I wanted to kill myself. The linear algebra midterm went alright. If everything I thought I got right was right and everything I guessed on was wrong, I’ll get an 80%. The instructor doesn’t know if he’s gonna curve it yet. I missed Live Nude People last night. First time I’ve missed one since I started going. I didn’t think it would work, but we tried to go late. It was packed, and it didn’t work. I watched Garden State in Gondolin”s common room instead. I’m glad I had seen it before. People kept talking during parts. That’s why only repetitive stupid comedies should be watched in common rooms. I spent the night at Gem’s. Now I’m up early because she had to wake up to go somewhere. Now though, the week is nice and over.

Jon on Smoking

[02/10/2005-02:29:54] TheUser04: so
[02/10/2005-02:29:55] *** Auto-response from Jonathan: You know, it’s true — nobody ever really quits. You just stop for a while. A smoker’s a smoker, when the chips are down. And your chips are down, pal. You’re sucking sidewalk.
[02/10/2005-02:30:00] TheUser04: word around the office is that you have a fat cock
[02/10/2005-02:30:11] TheUser04: …are you quitting?
[02/10/2005-15:39:13] Jonathan: hardly
[02/10/2005-15:39:13] *** Auto-response sent to Jonathan: class
[02/10/2005-15:39:21] Jonathan: uh, to the second part