On Friday Gemma had some laundry in my room. We went to see Live Nudes and then eat. I realized I had locked myself out, so we went back to her place. I got my replacement key on Saturday but hadn’t given Gem back her laundry. That night I went out with Will and Patrick to see Ong-Bak. Gem came over and wanted to hang out at Evenstar a little. I left my room open for her. She also told me she wanted to cook me dinner. When I got back, she told me to come straight to the kitchen. She cooked a shrimp stir fry for me that was great =D I found my room full of happy birthday posters and streamers. She and Jackie put them up while I was gone. It was really cool ^_^
When the clock turned midnight and it actually became my birthday, Gem left and returned a few minutes later with a Snickers cake and a bunch of people. They sang, I blew out the candles, and we all hoped the fire alarm wouldn’t go out.
After eating the cake and after everyone left, I closed the door and opened gifts with Gem. She bought me Green Eggs and Ham, Peter Cottontail, a fingerprint art book, and a pair of pajama pants. The pants, unknown to her, were actually for girls. I tried them on anyways and… well… girl pants are made for people without… stuff… in the front. So if you have stuff and you put them on… well, let’s just say the bottom half of my body was pretty clearly defined X_X. So, the pants were a no go. But it’s the thought that counts! Plus it was funny. Everything about the night was so nice. I couldn’t believe that Gem went to so much trouble for me.
On Sunday, my mom brought over a bunch of chocolate cupcakes for me. They were probably the best cupcakes I’d ever eaten. Then, to top it off everything she had already done, Gem paid for me when a bunch of us went to Sumo for dinner. It came to $30 per person, but I paid $8 and Gem paid the rest of mine. She’s so wonderful! I think this was the best birthday I’ve ever had!

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