I had a dream last night that the Earth was under attack by a fleet of ships that resembled Star Destroyers. In the dream they were Star Destoryers, but they weren’t as strong as the actual (er… fictional?) ones. I was a pilot flying a small ship outside of the atmosphere, and I was fighting the fleet. Later, I was back on Earth at a school, I think, but it appeared to be mostly social (as is real school, I suppose). Most people on Earth didn’t know what the attacking fleet because there was a large government cover up, although it was pretty obvious that something was going on (hell, people could see it). A man showed up with a woman. The man was a high official of the enemy and threatened me. The woman had a nasty tongue but didn’t actually do anything. There was a small fight, and he threatened to hurt some woman who was with me that I cared about. I think she was my sister. The two enemies left, and I admitted to the people in the area about the truth of the starting war.