Tuesday with Gemma, Dad

Gemma came over Tuesday, and we watched Attack of the Clones at my place. Afterwards we went to the Spectrum. We ate a restaurant called Maki Maki. She had chilean sea bass, I had tempura, and we split a platter of sashimi. Very, very tasty. Then walked around a bit, tried the love sacks (big bean bags), and went on the ferris wheel. She had never been on one! It was a lot of fun 🙂
Today my dad was gonna come over. He called me in the morning to say that he couldn’t today but maybe tomorrow. Around one I got a few calls, but I was still sleeping so I rejected them, not recognizing the number. It turned out that he decided to drive here anyways and was calling from a pay phone. The car overheated on the way back so he won’t be coming tomorrow. I wish he hadn’t have done that today.