Review of Ataxia Canto I: Idealism

In this chapter, Joseph explains his ideal woman. He says that this is not a standard he compares every woman to; it is only an ideal. He says that most persons want their children to have their own traits. To get these traits, a person would need to mate with a similar person. He states the races he’d prefer, from most ideal to least ideal, are Apache, other Indian races (Navajo, Sioux… Cherokee), Hispanics (Peruvians… Mexicans), certain Asians (Filipinos, some types of Japanese, Chinese), non-white Europeans (black Irish, Portugese), other Asians, sub-Saharan Africans (lightest to darkest), and finally, Aryans (WASPs). His ideal woman would be his height with black hair, brown eyes, reddish brown skin, wide hips, and large breasts. He’d prefer slightly overweight to underweight. He’d prefer a devout Catholic but would also be happy with a liberal Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jew, or a Hindu. She should be liberal and definitely not extreme in either political direction.
I think this chapter very clearly defines his ideal woman in many traits. He begins by saying that most men would like a woman who is similar to himself, and from his description of the ideal, this is true. His ideal woman is very clearly sharing many of his own characteristics (of course, not the large breasts part). Joseph mentions that it’s odd that She doesn’t fit many of these categories. I find it odd too, and perhaps it’ll be further explained in later chaptors. I’d like to see more about his ideal in other aspects though. What kind of personality? How educated? What hobbies or interests? Hard working or stay at home? Follows all the rules or likes to get wild once in a while? Despite wanting to see more, this chapter can give one a very clear idea of who Joseph would and wouldn’t want to be with.
Update: Joseph says that his ideal woman would be able to intelligently hold a conversation with him. She should be moderately knowledgeable in history and politics, and he’d prefer her to be better in the fields he is lacking in. He does not have an ideal hobby, interest, or personality for her.