Movable Type is currently down.

WebPageless used to be hosted on Chopsticks, but it went down for an unknown reason. I brought Chopsticks here to UCI to try to fix it, but it’s networking ability seems gone. I don’t want to reformat it until I’m confident that WebPageless can come back up easily, yet I can’t get WebPageless working on Mantop either. It’s obviously online (when Mantop is online), but I can’t access the MT database at all. I tried upgrading Chopsticks to SP2 but it kept failing and then the key I had didn’t work. Mind you it’s really slow (takes about an hour or so to get to the part of the installation that says it’s a bad key) and the monitor doesn’t work. I have to borrow someone else’s monitor everytime I work on it because I don’t own one. You can see why it’s a slow task. Now, why MT is dead on Mantop, I don’t know. I couldn’t log in to it so I used MT-medic (something like that). It found that there were no blogs and no authors although I thought I moved everything over. *shrugs*. I’ll be using DA for now if I need to blog something.