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Blogs keep dying. It makes me sad, but I haven’t really updated WebPageless in a while. My blog is just a fa

Revenge of the Sith

Revenge of the Sith the novel is much better than the movie. Now I actually loved the movie, but the acting was just horrible. The book offers a chance to see the powerful events unfold without the bad acting getting in the way. Of course, it also offers much better character development. Check it out.

Gem at Lee’s

Yesterday Gem and I went to Lee’s. She bought some food and had a big hassle trying to count out the change. After eating, she decided to buy one more thing. I helped her count out change so it wouldn’t be a big deal, and when everything was finally counted out, she randomly won the purchase for free. Later that day we go to Lee’s again, and she wins again! But she didn’t buy very much. 🙁


Howdy! On Saturday between a lot of Gemma’s sorority stuff, we went to El Torito for dinner. So tasty. And I went shopping with her at Fashion Island. It was kind of fun to be one of those guys that just follows around his gf like a zombie in all these stores he would never go in alone. The prices are like ZOMG. Was fun =D And today we hung out just about all day. She brought me back food from a sorority thing, and then we rented What Dreams May Come and Welcome to Mooseport. Then we had ice cream before returning to watch What Dreams May Come. Great movie! And then it was time for In-N-Out together… followed by Taco Bell for me and Lee’s for her, lol. And then sleepy time. On the way to get food we sat together at a fountain. I had a nice time. And on the way back we stopped to talk in the rose garden. It was a great day =D

Music Meme from Christine

Music Meme: List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same.
1. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing
2. Katamari Damacy – Lonely Rolling Star
3. The Dears – Lost in the Plot
4. Rush – Tom Sawyer
5. Nightwish – End of All Hope
6. Sponge – Plower
Uh, Joseph, that incompetent doctor, Toni, Gem, and Toni two more times.

CAMS Graduating Class of 2005

Congratulations CAMS graduating class of 2005! You’re now just as smart as all the other idiots who graduated high school! You’re now ready stock the shelves at Target or go to college, where do you less, sleep more, buy shit, and ace all of your classes.

William, Sims 2

William came over today. It was really good to see him again. I’m glad he forgave me. It’s been over a year since I’ve really seen him. Also, I played the Sims 2 tonight for a long time. But then it crashed. And I hadn’t saved. Poopy.

Religious Devotion

I don’t have any sources to cite, but I heard on the news today that religious devotion in the United States is at a high. Nearly all people polled at least say they believe in God. Also, Americans now accept and like religion in politics much more than most other countries. Interesting.

World IRC

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[6/03][00:28:53] * Topic is ‘The world is like IRC. USA got OPs, England voice, Iraq is risking a kickban, and the rest is on +m’
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