CAMS Graduating Class of 2005

Congratulations CAMS graduating class of 2005! You’re now just as smart as all the other idiots who graduated high school! You’re now ready stock the shelves at Target or go to college, where do you less, sleep more, buy shit, and ace all of your classes.

2 thoughts on “CAMS Graduating Class of 2005

  1. TheDoctor

    Peter, I love you. I also love members of the Class of 2005. Their grad ceremony was like ours, but faster. I want to visit on Friday. Is that ok? Check with the guys. I know that this is the best week to visit, as next week is finals.
    The human body
    In all its beauty
    Displays fragile resilience
    And resilient fragility.
    In the womb,
    fighting to
    pleading to
    At the last dance,
    But losing (calm surrender).
    The body is not the will and not the weakness,
    Will and the weakness come from the mind.
    So fight on! And will to live in the day, child of
    The universe.

  2. gook

    why the fuck do all the CAMS grad speakers make it a fucking point to make it negrotastic.
    the only reason that school hasn’t been sued yet is because it’s full of poor ghetto tards. but one day. we can only hope. 😛

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