Howdy! On Saturday between a lot of Gemma’s sorority stuff, we went to El Torito for dinner. So tasty. And I went shopping with her at Fashion Island. It was kind of fun to be one of those guys that just follows around his gf like a zombie in all these stores he would never go in alone. The prices are like ZOMG. Was fun =D And today we hung out just about all day. She brought me back food from a sorority thing, and then we rented What Dreams May Come and Welcome to Mooseport. Then we had ice cream before returning to watch What Dreams May Come. Great movie! And then it was time for In-N-Out together… followed by Taco Bell for me and Lee’s for her, lol. And then sleepy time. On the way to get food we sat together at a fountain. I had a nice time. And on the way back we stopped to talk in the rose garden. It was a great day =D