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Santa Monica with gemma

Yesterday gemma and I went to Santa Monica. It took us a while to get there, especially since we got a little lost. I hadn’t seen it her since Monday (it was Friday), which doesn’t sound so long but felt sadljfnso;fnwefoljndefwOMGz long. We went to Pacific Park, the little amusement park thing, but we didn’t go on any rides. We walked around for a while before renting a couple bikes. gem didn’t like them as much as the others we’ve rented because they were multispeed, but it was a lot of fun. She slammed on her brakes once which caused me to slam on my brakes… but no crashes!
After returning the bikes, we hung out at Pacific Park some more. It seems like we’re always pointing out photobooths but never get around to taking any. Well, she was looking for the kind that give you the photos in the strip, and we found a booth this time. The first photo was taken without gemma noticing, and the second had me all bug-eyed and ugly (yes Christine, uglier than usual). The last two were good though!
Then it was time for air hockey. She kicked my ass twice in a row. She’s good! And… I’m not so good. However, she accidently threw (let go? released? I’m not actually sure what happened) her paddle, and it hit a guy. The guy was two tables away from us. Everybody was laughing except me because I was confused and didn’t know what was going on. Good times though!
And then we went home.
PS. gem listens to KROQ a lot but doesn’t like the flashback at noon thing. I liked it most of all, lol. They played Oingo Boingo! That’s good stuff.
Anyways, I love spending time with her.

William on Whoosh RO

[07/27/2005-21:43:15] William: Look
[07/27/2005-21:43:35] William: There’s nothing wrong with liking men
[07/27/2005-21:44:00] William: In fact, on the Whoosh RO server, we are very accepting of your kind
[07/27/2005-21:44:02] William: You know… the gays
[07/27/2005-21:44:14] William: In fact, I’m pretty sure same sex marriages are possible
[07/27/2005-21:44:24] William: So come on down to Whoosh
[07/27/2005-21:44:26] William: RO
[07/27/2005-21:44:42] William: Where you don’t need to hide in your dirty yet gaymazingly clean closet

gemma and then less important people

I went out with gem today! We had brunch at a Hawaiian restaurant before returning a Blockbuster game. Then, we went to Cherry park. I had a great time, and we didn’t really do anything. I love being able to have a great time doing nothing. We just lied around. gem worked on her journals for her yoga class for a few minutes, but after that, there was just lying around. We fooled around, playing a game where she pokes me and I guess how many fingers she was using. Yup, lol. We both napped for a while. It was nice just to sleep near her. I had some weird dreams too.
After waking up, we went to Albertsons just to avoid the heat. I noticed an ATM so I got some money and bought groceries. Then we brought them home and sat in the car eating Pirate’s Booty and blueberries. Right around the time she was planning to leave, Chris drove up. After we all talked for a few minutes, gem left, and I went to hang out with Chris, Alyson, and Melissa. We got Herbert and went to the pool hall. Then we went to the mall where Alyson’s friend Mike, who turned out to also be Herbert’s friend, met us. We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was pretty entertaining. And then we went home!

Venus on the Half-Shell

I just finished reading Venus on the Half-Shell. It was great fun to read. I’m reminded of stories by Douglas Adams although this lacked as much depth in its plot. The book has a lot of sex in it, and was once considered pornographic, but it wasn’t really erotic. There’s just sexual humor thrown in. Check it out if you liked the Hitchhiker trilogy.

Final Fantasy II US

Yay, I just finished Final Fantasy II (the US version of Japanese 4). Although it was a bit predictable due to being old (probably original in its time), it was still really enjoyable. Now for sleep!


I think I have trackbacks set up now. In the post I wrote a few entries ago about Squadcast, I sent a trackback to their site. I just checked, and their site recognized my trackback. On the other end of using trackbacks, I tried sending myself a trackback ping and WebPageless recognized it although I still don’t know about others sending me one. Anyways, looks like it’s working.

Destroy All Humans!

I just finished Destroy All Humans! for PS2. It was a really great game. I’ve played a lot of better games, but lately I’ve been in the mood for a great console game. Let me attempt to explain what I mean. I play a lot of PC games but don’t own any consoles. When I got home and could play my brother’s PS2, I didn’t want to play something that could be played on my computer. In fact, I’ve noticed lately that many console games are actually just PC ports. Why is Star Wars Battlefront on a console anyways? Sure, you could get Internet access for a PS2 (I’m assuming it’s a network game), but wouldn’t it make more sense to play it on a PC? I wanted something that really felt like a console game. This game sure fit.
This is going to seem to contradict my last paragraph, but Destroy All Humans! reminded me a lot of the new GTA games. Now I know they’re available for PC too, but they still feel like console games to me. Much of the gameplay is the same. Of course, there are also major differences. The only vehicle you control in this game is your saucer. Still, the feel is the same, and I think it feels great. I only rented it; however, there’s a lot of replay value in this game so you might want to purchase it if it sounds like your kind of game.

Amateur Photos Used More Often

I found an interesting article at Wired News titled Cell Phones Capture London Blasts. News agencies received hundreds of photos, mostly taken by cells, and even some movies. Some places now let you send the messages directly from your cell phone. Everyday people seem to be getting better at doing this as well. During the September 11 attacks, many txts were sent in, but few pictures, and the captions weren’t very good. Now the captions are almost professional quality.


Went over 300 hours total talk time on my phone today. 300:28:43 in 4534 calls. That’s a lot of talking.

Bike Riding with Gem II

Gem and I went back to Shoreline Village to ride bikes again today. It was a lot of fun. We took the bike path that we took first last time. This time, we went to the end. It kind of just… well, it didn’t really end. It just became normal city. We didn’t really want to leave bike paths because gem still has trouble controlling the bike sometimes, and streets might still be too dangerous.
On our way back, we started at some small festival thing where there was live music. A band called Bluesteel, of the Long Beach Police Department, played classic and modern rock. It was really fun.
We went back to Shoreline Village, hung out for a while, and then returned bikes. Outside of the Aquarium of the Pacific, theLong Beach Shakespeare Company was performing The Tempest. It wasn’t starting for a few hours so we decided to have lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp. Tasty tasty. Lots of shrimp, some fish, some lobster, and for dessert, cookie and ice cream.
After leaving, Gemma realized she forgot her cell phone, and we had to go back for it. Then we hung out at the lighthouse waiting for the play to start. It was a little hard to hear, but the show was very entertaining. Plus, I got to lie in the grass and cuddle with Gem. When it was over, we tried to leave, but at her car, Gem realized she didn’t have her key. We went back to Bubba Gump Shrimp again, got her keys, and left. Kind of funny, and lots of fun!
And now, I don’t know what to play because I beat Republic Commando last night.

Bike Riding with Gem

I went to Shoreline Village today (actually yesterday) with Gemma. She never learned how to ride a bike so I was going to teach her. We walked around for a bit and then rented a couple bikes. I wasn’t sure how teaching her to ride a bike was going to go. I’m not the best teacher usually. Unless, of course, you the reader is someone who decides who can become LARC tutors or not. If you are, then I’m a great teacher, and you should hire me right now.
Anyways, we rode in circles in a corner of the parking lot for a while. She got the hang of it really quickly! I mean, she was still a little shaky but was good enough to go out. We took a bike path to Belmont Shore, and it was tons of fun! I remember thinking to myself “it’s a beautiful day!” It was a beatiful day, but I’m just mentioning that because right after I thought it, I got the U2 song stuck in my head, and I’m listening to it now.
After hanging out on one of the piers for a while talking, we headed back towards Shoreline Village. We still had some time so we took the other bike path that went past the Queen Mary (sort of). It was a lot shorter, and it didn’t take us long to reach the end. (We didn’t reach the end of that first bike path.) We turned back once again, and near the our starting point, we stopped to talk at a bench overlooking the ocean for a while. After about ten minutes, we returned the bikes.
And then we were hungry! Or rather, we decided to do something about the hunger that already existed. We decided on Islands. We split a burger, some tacos, and fries, and it was tasty! We finished eating but stayed in the restaurant a while just talking. Eventually it felt like we should leave so we sat in her car for a bit. But then the sad thing happened; we had to go home. It was a great day, and I’m so glad I got to spend time with gem =D