Bike Riding with Gem

I went to Shoreline Village today (actually yesterday) with Gemma. She never learned how to ride a bike so I was going to teach her. We walked around for a bit and then rented a couple bikes. I wasn’t sure how teaching her to ride a bike was going to go. I’m not the best teacher usually. Unless, of course, you the reader is someone who decides who can become LARC tutors or not. If you are, then I’m a great teacher, and you should hire me right now.
Anyways, we rode in circles in a corner of the parking lot for a while. She got the hang of it really quickly! I mean, she was still a little shaky but was good enough to go out. We took a bike path to Belmont Shore, and it was tons of fun! I remember thinking to myself “it’s a beautiful day!” It was a beatiful day, but I’m just mentioning that because right after I thought it, I got the U2 song stuck in my head, and I’m listening to it now.
After hanging out on one of the piers for a while talking, we headed back towards Shoreline Village. We still had some time so we took the other bike path that went past the Queen Mary (sort of). It was a lot shorter, and it didn’t take us long to reach the end. (We didn’t reach the end of that first bike path.) We turned back once again, and near the our starting point, we stopped to talk at a bench overlooking the ocean for a while. After about ten minutes, we returned the bikes.
And then we were hungry! Or rather, we decided to do something about the hunger that already existed. We decided on Islands. We split a burger, some tacos, and fries, and it was tasty! We finished eating but stayed in the restaurant a while just talking. Eventually it felt like we should leave so we sat in her car for a bit. But then the sad thing happened; we had to go home. It was a great day, and I’m so glad I got to spend time with gem =D