Destroy All Humans!

I just finished Destroy All Humans! for PS2. It was a really great game. I’ve played a lot of better games, but lately I’ve been in the mood for a great console game. Let me attempt to explain what I mean. I play a lot of PC games but don’t own any consoles. When I got home and could play my brother’s PS2, I didn’t want to play something that could be played on my computer. In fact, I’ve noticed lately that many console games are actually just PC ports. Why is Star Wars Battlefront on a console anyways? Sure, you could get Internet access for a PS2 (I’m assuming it’s a network game), but wouldn’t it make more sense to play it on a PC? I wanted something that really felt like a console game. This game sure fit.
This is going to seem to contradict my last paragraph, but Destroy All Humans! reminded me a lot of the new GTA games. Now I know they’re available for PC too, but they still feel like console games to me. Much of the gameplay is the same. Of course, there are also major differences. The only vehicle you control in this game is your saucer. Still, the feel is the same, and I think it feels great. I only rented it; however, there’s a lot of replay value in this game so you might want to purchase it if it sounds like your kind of game.