gemma and then less important people

I went out with gem today! We had brunch at a Hawaiian restaurant before returning a Blockbuster game. Then, we went to Cherry park. I had a great time, and we didn’t really do anything. I love being able to have a great time doing nothing. We just lied around. gem worked on her journals for her yoga class for a few minutes, but after that, there was just lying around. We fooled around, playing a game where she pokes me and I guess how many fingers she was using. Yup, lol. We both napped for a while. It was nice just to sleep near her. I had some weird dreams too.
After waking up, we went to Albertsons just to avoid the heat. I noticed an ATM so I got some money and bought groceries. Then we brought them home and sat in the car eating Pirate’s Booty and blueberries. Right around the time she was planning to leave, Chris drove up. After we all talked for a few minutes, gem left, and I went to hang out with Chris, Alyson, and Melissa. We got Herbert and went to the pool hall. Then we went to the mall where Alyson’s friend Mike, who turned out to also be Herbert’s friend, met us. We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was pretty entertaining. And then we went home!