William on Whoosh RO

[07/27/2005-21:43:15] William: Look
[07/27/2005-21:43:35] William: There’s nothing wrong with liking men
[07/27/2005-21:44:00] William: In fact, on the Whoosh RO server, we are very accepting of your kind
[07/27/2005-21:44:02] William: You know… the gays
[07/27/2005-21:44:14] William: In fact, I’m pretty sure same sex marriages are possible
[07/27/2005-21:44:24] William: So come on down to Whoosh
[07/27/2005-21:44:26] William: RO
[07/27/2005-21:44:42] William: Where you don’t need to hide in your dirty yet gaymazingly clean closet