Santa Monica with gemma

Yesterday gemma and I went to Santa Monica. It took us a while to get there, especially since we got a little lost. I hadn’t seen it her since Monday (it was Friday), which doesn’t sound so long but felt sadljfnso;fnwefoljndefwOMGz long. We went to Pacific Park, the little amusement park thing, but we didn’t go on any rides. We walked around for a while before renting a couple bikes. gem didn’t like them as much as the others we’ve rented because they were multispeed, but it was a lot of fun. She slammed on her brakes once which caused me to slam on my brakes… but no crashes!
After returning the bikes, we hung out at Pacific Park some more. It seems like we’re always pointing out photobooths but never get around to taking any. Well, she was looking for the kind that give you the photos in the strip, and we found a booth this time. The first photo was taken without gemma noticing, and the second had me all bug-eyed and ugly (yes Christine, uglier than usual). The last two were good though!
Then it was time for air hockey. She kicked my ass twice in a row. She’s good! And… I’m not so good. However, she accidently threw (let go? released? I’m not actually sure what happened) her paddle, and it hit a guy. The guy was two tables away from us. Everybody was laughing except me because I was confused and didn’t know what was going on. Good times though!
And then we went home.
PS. gem listens to KROQ a lot but doesn’t like the flashback at noon thing. I liked it most of all, lol. They played Oingo Boingo! That’s good stuff.
Anyways, I love spending time with her.