Monthly Archives: August 2005

Hollywood with gem, Running into Camille

On Friday gem and I took the metro down to Hollywood. We didn’t have a reason for going other than to go. There sure are a lot of costume stores and lingerie stores. Kind of weird. But there were a lot of regular clothing stores too. gem did some shopping while I watched, gave opinions, etc. It was pretty fun. We kept falling asleep on the ride back to Wardlow station even though it wasn’t yet night. After getting back, we went to Subway for something to eat.
Yesterday we went to a yarn store. And that about sums up yesterday actually, lol. Quite exciting. Speaking of yarn, gemma did ask me to order some yarn online for her, which came today. She’s going to pick it up later tonight. She just called and she’s going to go do yoga with Carrie right now.
Today I went to the ATM with my dad because I had to put money into a checking account so my check doesn’t bounce, heh. Afterwards we went to the Taco Bell in Bixby Knolls near by middle school, Hughes. And I ran into Camille =D She works there. Herbert mentioned that she worked at one, but I hadn’t thought of which one. She was very cheerful, just like I remember her, and it was nice to catch up, even if it was just for a couple minutes.

Harry Potter

gem convinced me to try Harry Potter last week. I began with the first in the series, and as it turned out, I rather liked it. I’m now in the 5th book, reading one every three days (which I happened to notice be the exact rate while reading the 4th). The author includes a lot of plot twists. I’m sure my ficitonal writing teacher wouldn’t like it, heh. There are some things that seem repetitious (it’s the end of the year again, Harry’s gotta do something great now, right?), but the novels are still really fun to read. One and a half more books left to catch up.

Apartment Update

We’re to move in the Sunday after school starts, unless things change. I’ll see if I can’t bum around in Irvine with people I know for a few days before getting the aparment, I guess. Hopefully I won’t be relocated to any neighboring cities, heh. Mailed my paperwork filled out to Patrick today.


[08/17/2005-16:35:36] Patrick: peter
[08/17/2005-16:35:39] Patrick: apartment update
[08/17/2005-16:35:41] Patrick: long story short
[08/17/2005-16:35:44] Patrick: we almost didn’t get a place
[08/17/2005-16:35:49] Patrick: but willy went down and got angry
[08/17/2005-16:35:51] Patrick: so we have a place
[08/17/2005-16:35:53] Patrick: he signed the lease
[08/17/2005-16:35:58] Patrick: but we move in like right when school starts
[08/17/2005-16:36:09] Patrick: we’re trying to move up the date but we don’t know cause we have to wait for the people to move out first
[08/17/2005-16:36:12] Patrick: but i have paperwork for you to sign
[08/17/2005-16:36:30] Patrick: i’m gonna have willy fax it to me so if you have a fax you can use give me the number and i’ll give it to him and he can fax it to you also
[08/17/2005-16:36:37] Patrick: k bbl

News Flash

I just got hold of some important information from a very reliable source – some guy in a Gun Bound game. It turns out that the makers of the Sims 2 are retarded, because in the game, two guys can marry. And of course, you’d have to be retarded to support something like that. Two men in a loving relationship? Pure retardation!

Irvine Improv

Yesterday gem and I went to see Elon Gold at the Irvine Improv. It was a lot of fun. There were two other comics too, but I can’t remember their names. There was quite a bit of interaction with (or at least making fun of) the crowd. One woman, nicknamed Wingspan for stretching out her arms repeatedly, was made fun of throughout the whole night. Another guy was thrown out after arguing with the comedian and telling him he wasn’t funny. I thought he was pretty funny. The people we shared our table with were nice too. gem and I sat right in the front, with our table against the stage (she had her feet on the stage actually). It was awesome.
Of course, while we were there we also just hung out at the Spectrum for a while. We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. She had been wanting to for a while, and I have to say, it was very tasty. We drove around a bit in the area to find some nice spots to hang out, and we slept at her place in Irvine. It was great to spend some time with her. Today we played Gunbound most of the day. I’m happy her computer can handle it, and she really enjoys it! Then on the way home we stopped at Barnes and Noble and a restaurant specializing in bread. We split some tomato soup. Very tasty! I had a great couple days with gem. Spending so much time with her was amazing. It was like a weekend get-away during the week =D

gem, Disneyland

gemma came over on Thursday and hung out at my house for a bit. Afterwards we went to El Camino and watched Fantasia 2000 and The Animatrix. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it was a great day. I hadn’t seen gemma in what felt like forever (Friday). The next day, Friday, we went to a mall in Cerritos. She shopped for a little bit before we went for Philipino food. I tried something that was basically cow stomach lining and vegetable in peanut sauce. It wasn’t very good. I actually think it was the sauce that was the worst part. I also tried a soup that was basically pig blood. I had to eat a lot of rice with each bite at first, but the soup grew on me and was actually pretty good. On Saturday gem came over to my house where we went jogging for a while. Then we picked up Mayra and her little sister and went to the Cerritos mall again. There was much more shopping there that day.
On Sunday, gem, Mayra, Mayra’s blindish date Dennis, and I went to Disneyland. Mayra and Dennis knew eachother online but had never met. I had a great time. Dennis was 24, really quiet, very shy, stayed away from the group, and thought we were racist. Haha! I posted some photographs up so check them out. Space Mountain was pretty cool. It’s probably one of my favorite rides now, but I still don’t think it was like “OMG THEY REOPENED IT AND IT’S AMAZING YAY *ORGASM*”. But, yeah, it was pretty cool. gem packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us in a cute, decorated, paper bag, and they were tasty. However, we also shared a turkey leg. Very good! We sat down to eat, and afterwards gem and I went out on our own for a while, leaving behind Mayra and Dennis. It was fun to spend a little alone time. Later we all went to the Haunted Mansion where gem and I got to catch in a mirror Dennis stealing a kiss from Mayra and Mayra screaming. Yay! Very funny. Not for Mayra. Hahaha! And at the end of the day, gemma hit her head and bled a lot. A lot of nice people, staff and visitors, helped out. And she was fine! Although I worried a shit load and called her all throughout the night.
Despite the ending, it was a wonderful day. And after gem got cleaned up she stayed very cheerful. God, I love her! Disneyland was so much fun with her. And Thursday’s our 10th monthiversary.
Now, if Herbert ever gets here (he was supposed to be here 52 minutes ago), I’ll be off to Disneyland again.


This was a lot more than I expected. My mom said professionals would weed the front and back yards for $150 or so. She offered me the money if I wanted to do it. Now, I’m gonna need the money to pay bills and what not. Plus, when I get my apartment, I’m probably going to need to borrow money until financial aid comes in.
My mom called me on the 24th while I was at William’s party to talk to me about it. Monday I went out with gem, and Monday night I went to my mom’s house. Tuesday I started working. I usually get up at 6am, work until 10:30 or 11, shower, eat, nap, start working at 5:30 or 6pm again, work until 8 or 8:30, shower, eat dinner, sleep. I know it sounds like I sleep early, but sleep also means get in bed and call gem.
Tuesday Christine came over during my break (it gets so hot during that time), and we went to the mall. It was fun. Wednesday she came over again during my break and brought me Taco Bell. We watched some Chapelle’s Show too. Thursday I worked in the morning but not in the evening. Instead, I went home. Friday I went out with gem (see previous post), which was obviously great. My mom picked me up Saturday so I worked that evening. While I was attempting to make this job end, I hit the sprinkler system. Now water shoots out everywhere! Joy! Well, only when the sprinklers are on.
Monday I worked most of the day and napped in the middle. I really wanted to get everything over with and decided to cancel on Disneyland. Tuesday I continued working. My mom wanted me to go out to dinner with her and some friends so I didn’t have to work in the evening. As it turns out, her friends had to pull out so we didn’t go. Wednesday was my last day there. I worked in the morning until noon, finishing the areas I had started but not actually even finishing the front yard. She did pay me $100 for what I had done though, not to mention the benefits.
And by benefits, I mean the other money she did spend on me. At one I had an appointment to get my hair cut. I have my pony tail in a plastic bag. Kind of weird. I’m still not used to my new reflection. Regardless of hair, I still look like me though. Too bad, lol. Afterwards we went to the mall where she bought me a couple pairs of jeans, new shoes, and a headset for my cell phone.
On the way home that night we stopped at my aunt’s house to pick up James. It was nice seeing her and her kids again. Everything seems go for Vegas. I’m going to go with my aunt on the 30th and come back around the 5th or so. And that’s that.