Stupid Surveys from Stupid Herbert

Today :: survey
& What’s the weather like?:: there’s a sun and some sky
& What did you do today?:: yard work, talked to gemma
& Have you eaten breakfast yet?:: I had a bowl of cereal
& What did you eat?:: See above
& What do you see when you look out the window or door or peephole?:: The neighbor’s house
& Have you exercised?:: I’m sure I have at some point in my life
& What do you plan to do for the rest of the day or tomorrow?:: Yard work
& When did you wake up?:: 6 or 6:30
& Have you eaten lunch yet?:: Nope
& What did you eat?:: N/A
& Have you gone out to eat and where?:: Ever? Um, too many places to list. Lately? Went to Felix’s Cuban food last night
& Did you buy anything?:: Yes, I have made purchases in my life
& Has something changed drastically today?:: Nope
& Are you happy?:: Sure
& Did you sing aloud today?:: No
& Did you talk to a friend on the phone?:: gemma
& On AIM?:: nope
& In person?:: nope
& Did you get mail?:: nope
& What was it (junk, bills, personal letters)?:: N/A
& How many times have you gone to the bathroom so far?:: Twice or once
& Have you taken a nap?:: nope
& How long have you been on the computer?:: 20 minutes
& What are you listening to at the moment?:: gemma on the phone
& What is one thing that happened today that you will never forget?:: nothing
& Is anyone in the room with you?:: no
& How many people are on your buddy list, if you’re on it?:: I’m not on
& Are you feeling lazy?:: nope
& Are you feeling bored?:: nope
& What have you accomplished today?:: yardwork
& Was there any questions that were repeated?:: It’s “were” <-- Well said Herbert ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .x. who is your favorite character on spongebob squarepants?:: Fuck that .x. what is your dad's mother's first name?:: beats me .x. who is the first person you were ever friends with?:: I don't remember his name .x. do you like cheese?:: sure .x. do you like swiss cheese or cheddar cheese better?:: depends .x. or maybe you like mozzarella?:: yep .x. have you ever eaten moldy cheese?:: Hopefully not, but probably .x. does it taste good?:: doubt it .x. have you ever actually heard elevator music in an elevator?:: of course .x. do you have a secret fear of pencil erasers?:: no .x. do you prefer notebook paper or plain paper?:: notebook .x. what is your favorite non-ordinary crayon color (not red or blue, but different ones like tickle-me pink or forest green)?:: BLUE stupid .x. favorite button on a calculator?:: stupid .x. say a random word.:: stupid .x. what does the word mean?:: not smart? lolz .x. have you ever used the sticky keys function on your computer?:: yes .x. what do you think about the letter H?:: What do you get when you combine J with H? .x. do you have screens on the windows in your house?:: I don't know .x. are you double-jointed?:: no .x. can you make a four-leaf clover shape out of your tongue?:: no .x. do you like hershey's or nestle chocolate better?:: whatever .x. what is your favorite search engine?:: google .x. what time is it now?:: 11:48 am .x. when is the last time you took a shower?:: about a half hour ago .x. do you think this quiz is random?:: if it was random, it wouldn't make any sense .x. are you glad its over?:: it's not ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1) What stickers do you have on your car?:: n/a 2) How/where did you meet your last or current bf/gf?:: CAMS, Almeida's class 3) What do you hear right now?:: gemma talking 4) If you could have a drink of anything right this second, what would it be?:: pepsi 5) Does anything hurt on your body right now?:: just most of it 6)How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?:: 7 7) What's your job position called?:: guy 8) What size ring do you wear?:: sizes 9) Do you own a picture phone?:: yeah 10) What is your gf/bf birthday?:: Feb. 22 11) What's your Mom's favorite band/musician?:: I don't know 12) What's your Dad's favorite band/musician?:: don't know 13) What was your high school's mascot?:: Rebels? Stupid shit 14) What's your favorite bottled water?:: stupid. 15) What's the next concert/show you're going to and when?:: don't know 16) What's the next movie that you want to see?:: don't know 17) What were you doing at 9 pm last night?:: eating 18) What's your favorite Starbucks drink?:: the chocolate frap 19) Do you exercise as much as you should?:: I shouldn't 20) Did you attend your High School prom?:: yeah ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. What are your initials?: PSA 2. Does your printer print fast & well?:: when it prints 3. Do you have shoes on?:: nope 4. Are there any lights on in the room?:: LEDs 5. How many days of school left do you have?:: ... 6. What are you going to do right when you get out of school?:: stupid. 7. Are you going to be sad that you are leaving?:: I don't know 8. What was your last bulletin about?:: What? 9. In the last IM you sent, what did you say?:: Probably something to make the person go away 10. What is your favorite crayon?:: blue? 11. Have you ever gone streaking in the winter?:: no 12. What time did you go to bed last night?:: 1:30 am 13. Are any of your great grandparents still alive?:: yep 14. What era do you wish you lived in?:: This is fine 15. If you were stranded in the forest, what would you do?:: unstrand myself? 16. What is your layout of?:: layout? 17. Have you ever thought of where the world ends?:: It probably ends... on the world. Stupid. 18. What exercise equipment do you own?:: none 19. Are you wearing a watch?:: nope 20. What brand is your shirt?:: I don't know 21. Are your toenails painted?:: no 22. Are you going to take a shower after this?:: no 23. How many stories is your house?:: 1 24. Have you ever shocked yourself?:: yes 25. Have you been hit by lightning?:: no 26. Have you ever been swimming while it was raining?:: yes 27. Do you usually tan or burn?:: both, with emphasis on burning 28. Have you ever been in a tanning salon?:: no 29. What kind of surveys do you like to take?:: whatever 30. Have you ever flashed a guy?:: Oh yes! 31. Have you ever given out your number to some random person?:: Well, it's published online 32. What do you think about online dating?:: Yuber lol 33. Are you scared of the dark?:: no 34. Do you ever study?:: Yeah 35. Do you say that you will never raise your kids like your parents raise you?:: A little bit 36. How many kids do you want?:: a few 37. Are you scared of giving birth?:: I'd love to see if it's possible <-- nicely said Herbert 38. Do you think you're annoying?:: sometimes 39. When was the last time you were extremely sick?:: don't remember 40. What is your favorite kind of underwear?:: underwear the don't fit? 41. Do you wish Xanga had forums?:: No 42. Have you met anyone on Xanga?:: no 43. Would you date someone more than 10 years older than you?:: Depends on the person's character and maturity <-- nicely said 44. Where are you planning on living when you get older?:: In a house 45. Have you ever been to the Naval Academy?:: no 46. Do you know your family history?:: I guess 47. Do you like to make lots of screennames & link them all together?:: no 48. What is the most overused smiley?:: 🙂 49. What is the most overused word?:: lol? 50. Do you like the movie "Napoleon Dynamite?":: yes 51. Would you ever name your kid Napoleon?:: No 52. Do you own a beanbag chair?:: no 53. What magazines do you get?:: none 54. Do you wear a lot of hemp?:: no 55. Do you play handball?:: no 56. Do you find yourself daydreaming a lot?:: yeah 57. What is your home football team?:: what? shut up 58. What is your home basketball team?:: Lakers 59. When was your last shave?:: an hour ago 60. What parts of your body do you shave?:: ...face 61. Do you like open or enclosed areas?:: depends 62. Do you like being alone or around a lot of people?:: depends 63. Do you think what type of music a person listens to says a lot about them?:: not really 64. Will you have a job over the summer?:: no 65. What was your last search online?:: Last night... searched for The Killers discography 66. Do you own a poodle?:: no 67. Type whatever word comes to your mind.:: Rocky 68. Close your eyes & grab something.:: frog plushie 69. Try to describe feet in as many words as you can.:: 12 inches per foot 70. Do you have a dirty mind?:: sometimes 71. Do you have a maid?:: in the Sims 72. Do you make your bed every morning?:: how 'bout never? 73. What day of the week is your favorite?:: Fridays! They're our days 🙂 74. Would you be capable of making your own survey?:: Why would I? 75. How long have you been online?:: I haven't turned my PC off in a couple days 76. Does your best friend annoy you?:: "everyone gets annoying" (attrib. to Thea), but accepting it is the pinnacle of friendship <-- nicely said 77. Is there someone you don't talk to but wait online for them all the time?:: no 78. What is your definition of "love?":: It's when you get that funny feeling in your tummy. It's when it feels like you're riding a rollercoaster love. You're love is like a rollercoaster baby, baby. I wanna ride. 79. Do you find your life fascinating?:: sure 80. Name one person:: gemma? 81. Why did they come to your mind?:: I <3 her 82. What kind of cake do you like?:: Um, chocolate, vanilla, cheese 83. Do you sing in the car?:: rarely 84. Has anyone ever caught you picking you nose?:: probably 85. What toppings do you put on your ice cream?:: cookie dough 86. What word is shorter when you add 2 letters to it?:: short (+er) [attrib. to Thea] <-- mm 87. How many situps can you do in a minute?:: Not gonna test! 88. Type whatever lyrics come to your head.:: Rollercoaster of love... 89. Have you ever fallen down the stairs?:: no, but Herbert has el oh elz 90. What 2 colors are best together?:: black and white TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Peter Steven Anargirou Birthday: 02/27/86 Birthplace: Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center, Mission Viejo, CA Current Location: Live in Long Beach, CA, currently in Orange, CA Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 5 something yay Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Your Heritage: Greek, Italian, Polish, Irish, English, German The Shoes You Wore Today: I don't know Your Weakness: I like tacos too much! Your Fears: Lack of tacos or lack of gemma Your Perfect Pizza: Extra sauce, hand-tossed, pepperoni Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Nothing in particular Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: I don't overuse anything. Thoughts First Waking Up: what the hell's going on? Your Best Physical Feature: My tits, totally. Your Bedtime: Bedtime? What the fuck? Your Most Missed Memory: games being really fun Pepsi or Coke: pepsi MacDonalds or Burger King: McDonald's Single or Group Dates: Single Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Neither Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate Cappuccino or Coffee: either Do you Smoke: No Do you Swear: Of course not. In the words of the legend himself, "I would never say fuck! I would never fucking ever fucking say that!" Do you Sing: of course. But you wouldn't realize it when I was doing it Do you Shower Daily: Usually Have you Been in Love: Yeah Do you want to go to College: I figure I should return in the fall, yes Do you want to get Married: yes Do you belive in yourself: No! I think I'm fake! I'm a figment of my own imagination, I think. But maybe I'm real. Do I really think? I think I think, therefore I might be. Do you get Motion Sickness: No Do you think you are Attractive: no Are you a Health Freak: no Do you get along with your Parents: eh Do you like Thunderstorms: yep Do you play an Instrument: I played the clarinet once upon a time In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: just to taste something In the past month have you Smoked: no In the past month have you been on Drugs: I took pills for headaches In the past month have you gone on a Date: yeah In the past month have you gone to a Mall: yes In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos: nope In the past month have you eaten Sushi: all the time! tasty In the past month have you been on Stage: no In the past month have you been Dumped: no In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping: no In the past month have you Stolen Anything: no Ever been Drunk: I got us written up ^_^ But nothing happened Ever been called a Tease: Ever been Beaten up: Nope, but I've beaten people up Ever Shoplifted: Yeah How do you want to Die: peacefully surrounded by loved ones, or for a damn good cause for the sake of others <-- well said, Herbert What do you want to be when you Grow Up: Oh goody goody I can't wait to grow up. What country would you most like to Visit: Japan, Greece, China, Britain, blah In a Boy/Girl.. Favourite Eye Color:
Favourite Hair Color:
Short or Long Hair:
Best Clothing Style:

Number of Drugs I have taken: Illegal? 0.
Number of CDs I own: 2439057208957249085234
Number of Piercings: Zero, now.
Number of Tattoos: Zero
Number of things in my Past I Regret: None now, I guess
Hey look this damn thing is over. I should kill Herbert for this.