gem, Disneyland

gemma came over on Thursday and hung out at my house for a bit. Afterwards we went to El Camino and watched Fantasia 2000 and The Animatrix. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it was a great day. I hadn’t seen gemma in what felt like forever (Friday). The next day, Friday, we went to a mall in Cerritos. She shopped for a little bit before we went for Philipino food. I tried something that was basically cow stomach lining and vegetable in peanut sauce. It wasn’t very good. I actually think it was the sauce that was the worst part. I also tried a soup that was basically pig blood. I had to eat a lot of rice with each bite at first, but the soup grew on me and was actually pretty good. On Saturday gem came over to my house where we went jogging for a while. Then we picked up Mayra and her little sister and went to the Cerritos mall again. There was much more shopping there that day.
On Sunday, gem, Mayra, Mayra’s blindish date Dennis, and I went to Disneyland. Mayra and Dennis knew eachother online but had never met. I had a great time. Dennis was 24, really quiet, very shy, stayed away from the group, and thought we were racist. Haha! I posted some photographs up so check them out. Space Mountain was pretty cool. It’s probably one of my favorite rides now, but I still don’t think it was like “OMG THEY REOPENED IT AND IT’S AMAZING YAY *ORGASM*”. But, yeah, it was pretty cool. gem packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us in a cute, decorated, paper bag, and they were tasty. However, we also shared a turkey leg. Very good! We sat down to eat, and afterwards gem and I went out on our own for a while, leaving behind Mayra and Dennis. It was fun to spend a little alone time. Later we all went to the Haunted Mansion where gem and I got to catch in a mirror Dennis stealing a kiss from Mayra and Mayra screaming. Yay! Very funny. Not for Mayra. Hahaha! And at the end of the day, gemma hit her head and bled a lot. A lot of nice people, staff and visitors, helped out. And she was fine! Although I worried a shit load and called her all throughout the night.
Despite the ending, it was a wonderful day. And after gem got cleaned up she stayed very cheerful. God, I love her! Disneyland was so much fun with her. And Thursday’s our 10th monthiversary.
Now, if Herbert ever gets here (he was supposed to be here 52 minutes ago), I’ll be off to Disneyland again.