[08/17/2005-16:35:36] Patrick: peter
[08/17/2005-16:35:39] Patrick: apartment update
[08/17/2005-16:35:41] Patrick: long story short
[08/17/2005-16:35:44] Patrick: we almost didn’t get a place
[08/17/2005-16:35:49] Patrick: but willy went down and got angry
[08/17/2005-16:35:51] Patrick: so we have a place
[08/17/2005-16:35:53] Patrick: he signed the lease
[08/17/2005-16:35:58] Patrick: but we move in like right when school starts
[08/17/2005-16:36:09] Patrick: we’re trying to move up the date but we don’t know cause we have to wait for the people to move out first
[08/17/2005-16:36:12] Patrick: but i have paperwork for you to sign
[08/17/2005-16:36:30] Patrick: i’m gonna have willy fax it to me so if you have a fax you can use give me the number and i’ll give it to him and he can fax it to you also
[08/17/2005-16:36:37] Patrick: k bbl