Hollywood with gem, Running into Camille

On Friday gem and I took the metro down to Hollywood. We didn’t have a reason for going other than to go. There sure are a lot of costume stores and lingerie stores. Kind of weird. But there were a lot of regular clothing stores too. gem did some shopping while I watched, gave opinions, etc. It was pretty fun. We kept falling asleep on the ride back to Wardlow station even though it wasn’t yet night. After getting back, we went to Subway for something to eat.
Yesterday we went to a yarn store. And that about sums up yesterday actually, lol. Quite exciting. Speaking of yarn, gemma did ask me to order some yarn online for her, which came today. She’s going to pick it up later tonight. She just called and she’s going to go do yoga with Carrie right now.
Today I went to the ATM with my dad because I had to put money into a checking account so my check doesn’t bounce, heh. Afterwards we went to the Taco Bell in Bixby Knolls near by middle school, Hughes. And I ran into Camille =D She works there. Herbert mentioned that she worked at one, but I hadn’t thought of which one. She was very cheerful, just like I remember her, and it was nice to catch up, even if it was just for a couple minutes.