Monthly Archives: September 2005


I came down here on Monday with gem. I stayed with her through Thursday. Thursday night and Friday night I stayed with Andy, Vince, Chris, and Jimmy. It’s been pretty chill here. Classes went alright on Friday. gem, with help from others, is making curry for us now. Can’t wait to eat!

Dad is an old man driver

The other day my brother and dad go to get the car washed. They go to one of those places where you sit in the car while it goes through. At this one, rather than drive through, a hook is attached to your car and pulls you through the car wash. My dad’s talking to my brother as the car wash ends. The hook disengages and the car stops. Well, it would stop if they weren’t on a hill. But they were. So they start rolling toward a large group of workers. My dad’s too… er… smart… to notice until the last minute at which point he slams on the brakes. Everything’s okay though.
My brother found this story hilarious and decided to tell people. A few days after it happened, he’s telling the story to my mom and stepdad Pete over dinner. They were eating out at a busy restaurant. Pete has a large bite of food in his mouth just as James is getting to the part where the car rolls straight towards the workers. Only he says “and we rolled right towards all the Mexicans!” At this Pete begins to choke and sputter. This turned James’ story from the usual story (little kid trying stupidly to tell a good story) into a very funny story. Especially because Pete’s Mexican too. Man, James is so lame. How amusing for me.


So I went to Vegas last week to visit my grandparents. My aunt and uncle took me with them. It was a lot of fun. I hadn’t been out there in a couple years so it was nice to visit. My grandmother took me around the strip. We also went to listen to a Beatles tribute band called the Fab. My grandfather cooked tons of delicous food. I’m sure I gained a lot of weight. Seeing my cousins was great too. Mitchell’s a great kid, and Haley’s adorable. I also got to see my great-grandmother (Baby Nana as I call her). All in all, a fun trip!