Catching Up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted last.
We were told we could move in Monday the 26th at 8 am, but they later changed that to 3 pm. When we showed up to move in, they said we could put our stuff on the patio, but they still had to shampoo the carpet. They finished that by 5 and said it would take 4 hours to dry. It took a lot longer. I ended up sleeping on the tile floor in the kitchen on top of some cushions. Over the next few days things were still getting set up. They apparently still had some electrical things to do as well as give us our appliances. By Wednesday most of the stuff was fine though. I had most of my stuff with me but no furniture. For the first few days I slept on Will’s couch. By mid/end week, I had my loft bed and new matress. Patrick and Colin did most of the building.
Will’s dad was here a lot working on things. He helped a lot. On his last night, he took Will, Patrick, Colin, and me out to Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. It was amazing. We weren’t expecting it so we were completely underdressed too. The food was great though. After dinner, Will’s dad asks us all to guess how much the bill came to. I guessed $340. Then he pulls out a $100 bill and says that whoever was closest wins it. The bill was $339.95, and he gave me $100. Pretty awesome dinner.
On Friday our couch was delivered. It’s a black leather L-shaped sofa that’s full sized on each arm of the L. Each end is a recliner, but they brought us two left ends and have yet to come bring us the right piece. But it’s really comfortable. That day Dad and James came down. The three of us met gem at the Spectrum to see Serenity. There were a few things I didn’t like about the movie, but all in all, it was excellent. I really hope Firefly lives on. Dad and James really enjoyed it as well, and although she wasn’t as impressed, gem had fun too. After the movie, Dad left, and gem, James, and I had dinner at CPK before leaving James at Mom’s place.
Over the weekend we set up our apartment more. By this time we had all of our appliances – barbecue, George Foreman Grill, blender, coffee/expresso machine, toaster, microwave, etc. The big tv I got from my mom was all set up and on a stand in the living room. Patrick and I both bought a floor lamp for our room. In the living room there’s one normal floor lamp and one that’s the asian paper-box-around-some-lights thing. But we bought the wrong bulbs. I bought a corner desk to go under my loft bed and a matching drawer unit that sits next to the desk and is the same height. I wanted to get another desk too, but Ikea was out of them so I’ll have to go back. That’ll give me a lot of desk space. I also bought a tall slim bookcase to put next to my bed. It doesn’t hold much, but I can put my tv on top to use while I’m in bed. I also bought a normal size bookcase for, well, books. It’s nice to finally have all my books put away rather than in a box or shoved haphazardly on a shelf.
Today are dining room table came. It’s a gorgeous metal frame with glass top. Rather than have inserts that make the table top bigger, on two of the sides you can reach under and slide out and pull up to lock into place a glass piece. This makes the table really huge if pulled out on both sides. It came with six black chairs and a matching glass top credenza. Will bought a cocktail table, but it’s not ready to be picked up yet.
I’ve seen gem a lot obviously. I have three of my four classes with her. I’ve seen her roommates a little but not much. And obviously (again), I’ve seen a lot of Will and Patrick. Colin’s been over a lot too. Andy I see most days at school which is cool. I’ve seen Jimmy, Chris, and Vince a little, and Kevin and D’Ann once or twice. Jon also lives not-so-far-away in Stanford court although I really haven’t seen too much of him or Gabby. I noticed that Jasmine was in my class today and talked to her a little. She’s in Dartmouth too so I’d like to go visit sometime soon. Judy called me today as well for computer help (her problem’s fixed now), and we’re gonna try to meet up tomorrow. I’ve yet to get a hold of Toni, which sucks. I also haven’t met up with Russ yet. Hopefully soon.
Classes are alright. CSE 23 is going smoothly. We have a project due a week from today, and I’m not done of course. But I think it’ll go fine. CSE 31L is a breeze but annoying. The lecture’s useless. The lab is crap because it’s 8-11 two days a week, and I don’t think it’s that important. The TA hardly helps, but we have to have her see our project before we turn it in or do the lab write-up. However, she didn’t mark anything down so maybe I can stop going. We use a language called VHDL to simulate hardware. It’s pretty cool I guess. Classics 45A, a mythology class, is interesting but has a lot of reading. I’m pretty far behind already. Music 78A, history of jazz, is also pretty cool. I have no idea how it’ll go though. Should be fun regardless.
gem is in all the same classes as me except she’s in 31 rather than 31L. However, due to an error people who hasn’t taken 31 were allowed into 31L. Only a handful of students in my 31L class had actually taken 31 so the teacher’s making in easier. Because of this, gemma might join my class there as well. But as of now, she has schedule conflicts.
Okay, that’s all.