Our Anniversary

Yesterday was our anniversary! We didn’t really celebrate fully because of a school… we’re being forced to push celebration forward… PUSH I SAY… to the weekend I s’pose. But it was still a very tasty day. I showered (that’s right) and got to class a half hour late. gem decided to sleep rather than come too. I got a lot done in CSE 23 lab but wasn’t finished. After class I kept working on it at home and finished shortly after I began.
I met up with gem and then went to music. Once again, Jon didn’t show up. Stupid Jon likes to fail. Fail and break his legs. el oh elz. But Jasmine was sitting where gem and I usually sit, which I assume means she was planning on sitting with us =D AND SHE DID. (I like friends.) So anyways, I kept almost falling asleep until the end when we got to listen to the TA people perform ACTUAL jazz. It was much more enjoyable than listening to recordings of pre-jazz crap. They were really good I think.
And then we went to the store and junk like that. I think. I don’t really remember. But I do remember that my Serenity comics came! Woo. I was looking forward to them.
Back at my place, we exchanged gifts. gem made me a new gemma box! I like gemma boxes because they store all my gemma-related goods. She also gave me a journal that she’s filled out with letters to me. And (how cool is this) she made me StarWars pajamas! Yeah, I know you’re jealous. I gave her a bag she was thinking about getting at the vendor fair. In the pocket I put four charms I bought her for her bracelet. She didn’t look in the pocket. I told her to put stuff in the bag to try it, but when she put a phone in the pocket she didn’t feel the little bag with the charms in it. So I told her to take it out. Once again, she didn’t feel the plastic bag. I then told her to push the phone all the way down. She didn’t feel them. Then I told her to take it out. She was getting confused. Then I told her to make sure there was nothing else in the pocket. And THEN she found the charms. Yay lol. Oh and I made her a card. Next topic!
We coded for a while and hers was working before mine actually. This project kinda sucked. It wasn’t that hard it was just that… well… my computer won’t compile anymore. I have to code until I think it’s done and then compile somewhere else. Kind of sucky. Then we went to Andy’s to have him see if our code was too similar. He wasn’t there, but Chris said it looked fine. When we went to submit though, Checkmate (the source code checker thing) was down. We emailed Jacobson but didn’t get a response. So we waited. We actually waited about three hours before just sending our code to him via email and leaving. It was kinda annoying because we wanted to get done so we could go out and then we ended up having to wait because of stupid checkmate. And as it turns out, Jacobson emailed everyone this morning saying that he’s sorry Checkmate was down and that we can turn it in until 11:00 tonight. At least our grade’s okay though.
When ICS out of the way, it was time for tastiness! We went to Mimi’s Cafe because we love the french onion soup there. We thought about just getting soup and going to CPK for the meal but decided we might not have time to get to CPK before it closed. We both had ULTRA TASTY soup though. Seriously, if you haven’t had it, I highly recommend it. Very very good. I really didn’t think it sounded good, but it’s excellent. I also had jambalaya. It had bell peppers, tomato, sausage, shrimp, and chicken. It’s usually served on pasta, but the waiter recommended rice so I went with it. gem ordered the crab cakes. Both were pretty good. And the waiter… I swear, he reminded me so much of Owen Wilson. Except this guy’s nose was straight. His looks, personality, and voice all reminded me of him. That’s pretty cool.
After dinner I went back to gem’s place to sleep there. Her roommate Lauren was sleeping with the door open, with the lights on, without a blanket, and fully dressed. I guess she just got on her bed and accidently fell asleep. I don’t know.
All in all it was a wonderful day! I can’t believe I’ve been with gem for a year. I’ll spare all the lovey dovey crap from the entry because it doesn’t matter to anyone except gem and me. But yay!