LNP, Bonfire

After I was done with my classes on Friday, gem and I went to Alakazam. We just kinda checked stuff out. She wanted to get a manga so we talked to the guy working there for a while about what she’d like. She decided on Negima volume 1, which is by Ken Akamatsu. She enjoyed it, and it definitely looked like his style. After gem’s class, we went to Sumo for dinner. God, it’s good.
Friday was also the first Live Nude People of the quarter. Man, it was crowded.

Maybe a third to a half of the people got in. Andy, Chris, gem and I sat on the ground. Russ, Lauren, Jimmy, and Lauren’s friend didn’t even get in. We kinda had to push our way in. It was really funny though. If you’re reading this and you went, these were my favorite parts:
Follow me, follow you
Follow he, follow who?
Lints of shame, mother fucker!
But yeah, great fun.
Saturday night I went to a bonfire with Mom, Pete, James, Auntie D., Mitch, Haley, and of course gem. Lotta fun there too. I got stuffed full of smores, hot dogs, and doritos. Back at my mom’s place, we watched Thir13en Ghosts (the remake) and crashed there.
Today I finished Serenity, went over some banking stuff, and studied for jazz. Yay for weekend!