Science Library Looks Like a Vagina

I heard that the Science Library looks like a vagina.
Anyways, I doubt if WebPageless will really come back anytime soon. I guess this is semi-permanent. Cox blocks all incoming ports entirely. It’s like my computer doesn’t exist on the Internet. In better news, Cox has at least made the speeds go up to normal DSL/cable speeds. I also tried using the AntWeb. To set that up, I had to learn how to VPN into the school. But after setting it up, I found that pages on it are only accessible to people on the UCI network.
I gave up the Start Menu and Explorer a long time ago (about a year now). But I had used Black Box menus or BBIcons. Well, I gave it all up in trade for Google Desktop Search. I works really well. I use it to launch all my applications and everything. Good program. Good organization, that Google. I loves them.
My Palm Tungsten C died completely today. The screen is totally fucked up. Like Chopsticks. That really sucks. I kinda depend on it. I’m gonna sync to my dad’s Palm to at least get my financing info off of it.
I got about a standard deviation above the mean on the CSE 21 midterm. Did well on both projects. My Kalah AI was the best in the class. The average on my CSE 31L midterm was 54%. I got 97%. I’ve aced all my 31L labs, and have done well in Classics. Turned in a concert report on Tuesday. It went well, I think.
Last weekend was cool. On Friday, gem and I went to LNP. I wore a robe for Halloween and got in early. I never had got in early before. Then we rented Chamber of Secrets and bought Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Saturday we played video games basically. Then gem, Jon, Gabby, Andy and I went to see Nnenna Freelon at the Jazz Bakery in LA. I thought it was a pretty good show. Afterwards we came back to my apartment, drank, and watched the Grudge. Gabby was too scared to watch. She kept hiding. Patrick kept scaring her. It was great. Chris was too talkative during the movie. Andy was a bitch, and we’re never watching a movie that matters with him again. Sunday gem and I worked on our labs. Christine came over, but we didn’t really get to do much. That night, gem, Jon, Gabby, and I went to Knott’s Scary Farm. It was a lot of fun, except Jon and Gabby fought a bit. But Gabby got over her fear of the big rollercoasters – kind of. Anyways, she went on it. And we got on quickly because Jon used a wheelchair.
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is a really fun game. I thought the chapters would suck, but they don’t really get in the way of playing.
I finished reading Starship Troopers again. It’s so much better now than when I read it in highschool or junior high. I love Heinlein. And I love that book. Totally awesome.
On Tuesday (I think) I hung out with gem, Allison, and Lauren. It was fun. Afterwards Lauren went home, and the three of us went to Denny’s to eat. Great fun! I love friends.
I hadn’t talked to Kalin in a long time, but I’m chatting with him now. Good ol’ AIM.
My mom’s birthday was the 1st, and Pete’s is the 3rd. Happy birthdays! gem and I went out to dinner with them tonight to an Italian restaurant. I had the rigotoni, and it was great.
gem’s making Gryffindor scarves for us for the Goblet of Fire release.
Tomorrow I have a history of jazz midterm at one. I feel so unprepared. It has nothing to do with computers or math. Ah! But I’ll probably do alright.