Dream the Other Night

I had an interesting dream the other night. I was at some sort of school / corporation where I studied / worked. It was early in the morning, around dawn, and some friends and I were breaking into a neighboring building / business. We were trying to steal some information, I think. I’m not sure. People began to show up for work there though so we attempted to act like we belonged there and to walk out. It worked. Outside there were a lot of alleys and stairs, but we made it out unnoticed.
After getting back, I hung out for a little bit. Now, I think it’s around this time in the dream that the school / corporation became a magic school / corporation. Like, wizards went there and worked there. Maybe it’s because of Goblet of Fire opening this week. I dunno. But anyways, we were going to go somewhere soon, and the best way to leave the school was by plane. We were waiting to take off for a very long time, but weren’t being given permission. I wanted to find out why so I tried to ask around. A teacher told me to check administration thinking I meant why I personally wasn’t being allowed to, but it was more our plane and the conditions. So I got fed up and went outside for a walk.
Now somewhere in here I was looking for presents at my grandfather’s house. Then he, with my aunt and uncle and me, were driving around on a rickety bridge over a lake. And then I was in the lake. And then I was outside the school again.
I heard this booming voice say “a vision of the future” or something like that, and then I could see some sort of meteor coming. I ran down an alley and into a church. There were a few people in the church with me. Then, after, hearing a loud crash, I went back outside. Everything was burning, and most building were flattened. The school was ruined. The church was the only building that was okay. There were some people that were fucked up looking. Not like hurt or bleeding. Just tweaked.
And then everything went back to normal. Except, even though the other people were still people, they were different. I knew they were out to get me or sometihng. This kind of reminds me of Doom, except they were demons or zombies. Just out to get me or something. So I ran into the school. The farther in I got, the more and more of them there were. I kept running up flights of stairs until I reached the very top. I started to get cornered against a railing. Each floor was like a ring and you could look down the middle and see all the lower floors. It was all open. Except that they weren’t evenly lined up, and there were bridges and walk ways.
Having no where else to go, I jumped off and had to navigate through the air to keep from hitting birdges and other floors. I wanted to keep falling. And I had to avoid the hands of those people. And then I used magic to keep from dying when I hit the bottom.
And that was my dream.
Falling was cool.