RAZR V3 with Cingular vs LG VX7000 with Verizon

RAZR V3 with Cingular LG VX7000 with Verizon Very thin 🙂 Average 🙁 Plays mp3s 🙂 Doesn’t 🙁 Vibrate sucks 🙁 Vibrate is great 🙂 Bluetooth 🙂 No bluetooth 🙁 Seems like low memory (after putting a bunch of mp3 clips on it) 🙁 Seems like a lot of memory 🙂 640×480 camera, but better quality than LG 🙂 640×480, but worse quality 🙁 Camera better in low light 🙂 Camera worse in low light 🙁 No video recording without modding 🙁 Has video recording 🙂 Menus feel awkward 🙁 Menus feel better 🙂 Photos look worse until zoomed to 50% or set as a wallpaper 🙁 Photos look fine 🙂 No notepad feature 🙁 Has a notepad 🙂 E-mail use counts as data (pay by KB) 🙁 E-mail is $5/month and uses minutes 🙂 Great battery life 🙂 Pretty good battery life 🙁 Uses a USB cable (USB at both ends) 🙂 Uses USB to LG-specific 🙁 Really hard to get to sync with PC 🙂 Really REALLY hard to get to sync with PC 🙁 Must hold down voice record buttom while recording 🙁 Don’t have to hold it down 🙁 Games don’t come with it 🙁 Games don’t come with it 🙁 Pay by KB for Internet use (or get KB packages) 🙁 After paying small fee for mobile web, Internet uses minutes 🙂 Can only visit sites made for phones 🙁 Can visit any sites 🙂 IMs use KB 🙁 IMs count as text messages 🙂 8 :)s 10 :)s

That’s not to say the RAZR is bad. The LG won a lot of :)s in small areas. I’m just comparing.