What a fun weekend!
First on Thursday I spent like the whole night at Antonio’s. We watched tv, he ordered pizza, and we just hung out. It was really great to hang out with him again. I hope he’s around more often in the future!
Friday night gemma, Lauren, Matt, Allison, and Rebecca went to the Spectrum to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. We had dinner at CPK and then off to the movie! It was a really fun movie I think. I think some of the scenes could have been more powerful, but oh well. Lauren and her bf wore costumes that she made – Gryffindor robes with scarves, ties, etc. They looked really great. We got home around one and everyone went to sleep except me, gem, and Allison. We considered going to Andy’s party but decided against it. gem couldn’t drive home afterwards and there was partying at my place so we couldn’t crash there. We decided just to hang out at her place. But first we had to drive to Del Taco. After getting back we drank, ate Del Taco, and watched Next all night. Great stuff!
Saturday we worked on some homework and ate food. Allison, gemma, and I decided we wanted to get some Flipz. After heading to Ralph’s we got distracted by brownie mix and ended up making some instead. And Allison made really tasty chicken and potatoes for us. It was great. That night, the three of us decided to go to Nickel Nickel to play! They had so many cool games. I like the ones that you can’t play at home – DDR, a sword game where you actually had to swing something, a drumming game, a piano game… blah so much fun. And the free games are cool too. But by far, the drumming game was my favorite. I have to go play that again some time. After we were done we went home, drank, had jello shots, and watched movies. Yay.
On Sunday we did more homework, ate some rice, and then went to see Goblet of Fire again. The first time we saw it on a digital projector, which was nice, but this time we went to the IMAX with Jon and Gabby. The IMAX makes it like a billion times better. We got really good seats too – the first row after that first section. Gabby kept getting scared though. I can’t believe how easily she scares, lol.
Tonight I’m just playing Super Nintendo. I don’t have any homework due this week, but there’s a lot coming up. Next Thursday the CSE project is due and a concert report. It’s also the day of our music final. Then Friday is our last Classics test. The following Monday is CSE31L and CSE23 finals. Then Wednesday is gem’s 31 final as well as the due date of our final project for 31L. Ah! But Thursday is tasty dinner at my aunt’s house.
Right now Will threw a bit of a party as usual so they’re playing beer pong. It wouldn’t be bad but Patrick goes to sleep a lot earlier than me. He’s a light sleeper so I can’t even be in the room while he’s asleep unless I’m asleep. I can’t blame him, but it sucks when there’s partying here because I don’t really have anywhere to go. I just have to put up with them being stupid, loud, and eating all of our food. This happens most nights. But they’re entertaining I s’pose. Okay bye!