Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a real entry. The night before Thanksgiving I partied at Jon’s. Everyone was pretty fucked up the next morning. I was the only person who didn’t throw up. After getting a couple hours of sleep, I went to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving. It was fun, and I spent the weekend doing basically nothing. Saturday night, I went to see the Estrada Brothers with gem, Jon, and Gabby for my music class. We got lost and they didn’t hold our reservations when we were a half hour late, so we sat outside before getting bored of it and leaving.
Then we had 10th week. The first few days were uneventful. Wednesday night, I spent the whole night working on my concert report. We didn’t really start studying for the music final until Thursday morning right before the test. It went okay. Afterwards we worked on our last CSE 23 project. Neither gem nor I finished. She was really close though. She ended up getting half credit, and I got a little less. We didn’t study at all for our Classics final on Friday, but we both did okay.
The weekend before finals week, gem and I spent it at my mom’s. We really didn’t get much studying done. Monday came, and it felt like the 23 final killed me. The 31L final went okay. For the next couple days I helped gem in 31 and worked on the 31L final project. I didn’t get it done, but we ended up getting a lot of points anyways.
Then we started getting our scores back. As it turns out, they could tell we didn’t hear shit at the concert, and the three of us each got an F. There went 10% of each of our grades. But oh well. I ended up getting a B- in music, A- in classics, A- in 23, and an A in 31L. I lost my 4.0 in the School of Engineering, but I’m only down to 3.948, which isn’t so bad. Maybe due to the lack of precision I can get that back to 4.000, heh.