Things have been good so far. Right before finals week, I found that my roommates had used all the dishes we own. They finally did the dishes half way through the week only to use them all again that night. I left and didn’t come back for about five days. When I got back, Will was leaving. All the dirty dishes they made, including all the pots and pans with stuff caked on, were still there. He told me that both sides of the sink were clogged so they couldn’t do the dishes. That, and there was a tiny leak under the sink. I put in a work-order, and they came and got the sink working again. I need to do the dishes tonight.
I got a fever on Friday that last until Tuesday. I was still kind of sick after that but am feeling better by today. Besides spending a lot of time with gem of course, I spent a lot hanging out with Tony. That was fun, but he went back to LA. I’ve also seen Andy and Vince a couple times. It’s nice to be seeing more of Vince.
I’ve been watching Candidate for Goddess, playing GunBound and Neverwinter Nights, and watching tv. Today I saw King Kong with my mom, Pete, and James. It was a pretty good movie. And that’s break so far!