Another weekend gone, hm?
I washed cars with gem, Jon, Gabby, Vince, and Ratana on Friday. Then gem made truffles at my place before going to a sorority thing. I went to Vince’s to play video games with Vince, Ratana, Jon, and Gabby. Jimmy came home and he played too. It was pretty fun. After gem got back, Gabby, Jon, and I went to Albertson’s to buy food and back to my place to cook.
It was crazy. Will had a party, and there were 20+ people when I counted at one point. For a good portion of the party, neither Will nor Patrick were here. We cooked, but it was still crazy. This one girl asked me what I was looking for once, and her and her friend thought it was hysterical that I was looking for the sugar. I don’t really get it. And they took one of my cokes so I took the box away from them and moved it to my room. Jon had just bought the 12-pack for dinner that night. When Will wasn’t here, some people were jumping on his bed, screaming, and singing songs from The Lion King. Then the most flaming guy I’ve ever met walked in. But he actually wobbled in. And he couldn’t seem to figure out how to walk around.
Jon needed to use some olive oil and didn’t know if we shared it or not so he asked Will. Now even though we were, supposedly, sharing sauces and condiments, Will ranted about how we aren’t sharing food anymore and that gem and I keep using all of his olive oil. Again, we were sharing that kind of stuff. And we haven’t actually used any since we stopped sharing. But… maybe I can’t blame someone who doesn’t have control of his own brain anymore. So after we got done cooking, which was difficult to do since there were idiot girls in my kitchen and people heating charcoal for the hookah on the stove, we got ready to go. I didn’t want to leave with people being able to access my room so I dragged my heavy TV stand in front of my door and then went out the emergency exit. We were gonna go to Vince’s to eat, but there ended up being a bunch of high people there too.
We went to Jon’s instead, only to find that he didn’t have any plates. He hadn’t told us that earlier. Gabby and I went back to my place, took a bunch of plates, forks, and knives, and left. Of course, with a whole house full of people, no one noticed. Then Gabby backed out into another car. She hit someone named Rana I guess. And then we ate, and it was good. And gem’s truffles were amazing. There was Kahlua in some and Irish Cream in others. Very tasty. Then Andy and Vince left, and soon after gem and I left.
On Saturday, gem and I ate and then picked up my dishes. We put them back at home, I cleaned, she made more truffles, and then we watched Battle Royale. That’s an awesome movie. It’s a Japanese flick about a bunch of 9th graders who have to kill eachother. Awesome. And then we met Jon and Gabby at my mom’s.
And apparently, some girls came over to my place Saturday night and complained that I made fun of them for eating toast. Which I didn’t. But they were at Will’s party so they probably weren’t very smart to begin with.
Mom’s house was fun. Tony was there, and it was cool seeing him again. We played GunBound most of the night (with Carrie and Jackie Lemus too). Mom told me we were too loud and that she didn’t want them spending the night anymore. We went out to eat, Tony went to bed, gemma and I went to bed shortly after, and Jon and Gabby left… at some point, I guess.
In the morning, gem went to a sorority thing. I went driving with Pete, got a hair cut, gave my mom my ATM card (it’s in her name and there’s a problem with it now), ate In-n-Out, and drove home.
And now I’m tired, but I really didn’t do much today. I do want to buy a new doorknob and lock for my room though. I don’t want any fuckers I don’t know coming in.