Monthly Archives: February 2006

Drunken Colin, Will Being an Ass

Patrick and Colin came home totally wasted the other day while gem was sleeping and I was reading. I heard them talking and being loud, and then I heard Colin leave. Patrick came in, and we talked a bit. Apparently, Colin had decided to kick gem’s flip-flops off of the balcony at the front door. We searched but never could find one of them. Colin never apoligized.
Also, I left Saturday night, and when I came back on Sunday, Will had moved gem’s lotion from the coffee table to the floor next to the trash can, where we usually put trash that doesn’t fit in the can. He claims it had been on the coffee table for long enough – two days.

gem’s birthday

Yesterday was gem’s birthday!
First, on the 21st, Allison, gem, and I went to Boomer’s. It was $10 for unlimited miniature golf and arcade games. It was a lot of fun. DDR was broken when I tried, and later fixed, so that kind of sucks. But still, arcade games rock! gem and I played air hockey, and she beat me, and Allison and I played some fun drumming game. Man, drumming games are great. We also played a game of mini golf, but didn’t keep score or play the holes in order. gem wanted to play a racing game with me, but most of them wouldn’t link, and the two that were linked were always in use. I’d love to go back sometime!
After they closed at 9 or 10, the three of us went to Del Taco for Taco Tuesday. I had 8 beef tacos and two chicken tacos. It was a lot of tacos, and I was really stuffed. After eating, we bought supplies to make chili cheese fries for later that night. It was Allison’s idea, and I didn’t know how I’d be able to eat more later.
We went back to gem’s/Allison’s and just chilled for a while. We made tasty strawberry smoothies, and then watched Rent. We also ate chili cheese fries while watching, and I was very surprised I was able to eat. Rent was a really good movie; I see why Allison likes it so much. I gave gem We <3 Katamari, which she liked. And then sleep. On her birthday we had to goto class and do crap like that. But after classes, we went to Seoul Garden (the three of us again) for lunch. Tasty tasty! I can't believe how much I've eaten lately. I tried beef heart and beef liver. The heart was okay, but I didn't really like the liver very much. And that's all I have to say 'bout that.

Will’s Memory

Colin: Hey, Will, there’s a Jewish star on your computer.
Will: A what?
Colin: A Star of David on your computer.
Will: Oh, shit! Does that mean I have a virus?
Colin: No, it’s done in the dust like with a finger.
Will: Who drew a Star of David on my computer? It must have been you, Patrick! You fucker!
Patrick: What? I didn’t draw a Star of David.
Will: Oh wait, I did it. Man, I’m so high!

Blog Entry 463 or 562

I have class at eight. I’m not tired, but I know I’m going to be in the morning. Plus, I have to read the Odyssey tomorrow. Or maybe just hope to pass the test without reading it, which probably wouldn’t be too hard.
I broke my RAZR clean in two today. I managed to get bluetooth turned on though without looking at the screen. Luckily, both GSM and the BT both function without the screen-half of the phone… so I can make calls using the headset. And, in theory, receive, but I wouldn’t know who was calling. Hopefully my Palm alarm can wake me, because I can’t use my phone. Assuming that the insurance covers it (it’s supposed to cover accidental damage), it’ll only cost $50 to replace it.
The CSE 90 midterm was tonight. He decided to make it open note, which included the practice midterm. The midterm and practice midterm shared a whole bunch of questions that were word-for-word the same. Good times.
Wednesday night has become go-out-to-eat-with-gemma-and-Allison-night. It’s a very good night. It’s fun hanging out with Allison, and we hardly ever do.

Valentine’s Day

What a great day!
I made gemma four Valentine’s Day cards – one for each class she had, and I delivered them to her at the beginning of each class.
gem made me chocolate covered strawberries and truffles.
I bought her a dozen roses.
We ate at P. F. Chang’s and had garlic noodles, rice, roast duck, lamb, and hot and sour soup.
And we hugged lots.


Bought a deck of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children playing cards at the vendor fair on Friday. I like ’em.


Gemma made me play GunBound for her in class today. I was sing Kalissidian, and I missed the guy I was aiming for. Luckily, I hit another for one damage… which killed him. It was pretty cool. I don’t know ifI’ve ever done just one damage before. Later I was a Boomer, and the guy I was going for said my shot would hook, implying I’d miss him. My shot hooked and killed him. Stupid people.