Blog Entry 463 or 562

I have class at eight. I’m not tired, but I know I’m going to be in the morning. Plus, I have to read the Odyssey tomorrow. Or maybe just hope to pass the test without reading it, which probably wouldn’t be too hard.
I broke my RAZR clean in two today. I managed to get bluetooth turned on though without looking at the screen. Luckily, both GSM and the BT both function without the screen-half of the phone… so I can make calls using the headset. And, in theory, receive, but I wouldn’t know who was calling. Hopefully my Palm alarm can wake me, because I can’t use my phone. Assuming that the insurance covers it (it’s supposed to cover accidental damage), it’ll only cost $50 to replace it.
The CSE 90 midterm was tonight. He decided to make it open note, which included the practice midterm. The midterm and practice midterm shared a whole bunch of questions that were word-for-word the same. Good times.
Wednesday night has become go-out-to-eat-with-gemma-and-Allison-night. It’s a very good night. It’s fun hanging out with Allison, and we hardly ever do.