Drunken Colin, Will Being an Ass

Patrick and Colin came home totally wasted the other day while gem was sleeping and I was reading. I heard them talking and being loud, and then I heard Colin leave. Patrick came in, and we talked a bit. Apparently, Colin had decided to kick gem’s flip-flops off of the balcony at the front door. We searched but never could find one of them. Colin never apoligized.
Also, I left Saturday night, and when I came back on Sunday, Will had moved gem’s lotion from the coffee table to the floor next to the trash can, where we usually put trash that doesn’t fit in the can. He claims it had been on the coffee table for long enough – two days.

3 thoughts on “Drunken Colin, Will Being an Ass

  1. Andrei

    lol, dude your roommates need a few smacks across the head…
    I’ve got 2 roommates and everything’s always fine. We cook for each other, take turns vacuuming and cleaning the dishes and kitchen, and its not even as if we ever forget. If one of us is really busy that week, we cover them. Drive each other to stores all around and everything, lol. You need to move to Chicago where its currently 26 degrees C (which is quite pleasant considering the 15 degrees it was last week). Its supposed to be 60 on Friday…take off your jackets and fire up the BBQ’s (seriously, I’m not kidding).

  2. what

    Oh yeah, well when my roommates and I aren’t CONSTANTLY fellating each other, we’re giving each other thousands of dollars. We give each other piggybacks to China EVERY DAY and shit. This one time, a unicorn was charging straight at me and one of my roommates blocked the horn with his fucking face and then summoned the collective powers of Chuck Norris, Vin Diesel, and zombie Bruce Lee, upon which they held a spontaneous 3-on-1 no-holds-barred electric barbed wire match. That night, we feasted on unicorn meat and ambrosia (Did I mention my other roommate is a Greek god?).
    So yeah, I guess you need to drop those roommates and get some chill roommates so you can be like us. Chill.
    So. Fuckin’. Chill.

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