Monthly Archives: March 2006


I got into CV. That’s good and bad. Tony’s gonna be my roommate, which is cool. But I do like this place a lot. Plus, now I can’t live with Jon because he didn’t apply to to CV. I wanted to live with him too, and he needs a place. Patrick had other thoughts on housing too. We’ll also have to find two other people or go random. Tony and I ran into Adam at Del Taco yesterday and asked him. He has one other guy and needs another pair but is on the waitlist at spot 200. I pay $555.62 per month here though with $70 or so for utilities. That’s about $626/month. CV is only $357/month. However, with four people Dartmouth would be $508 or so without our crazy cable. I dunno. It’s not that much of a savings, but then it is. Hm. I want to save money. But I also want to live with Jon. And I really don’t want to screw him. Plus, if Herbert gets into UCI, he’d like a place to live… Bah. I don’t know how Tony feels about this either. I should find out.


My birthday was great!
gem took me to the San Diego Zoo on Monday and had me drive. The drive was okay actually. And the zoo was amazingly fun! We saw so many cool animals. The pandas were adorable, especially the baby who napped in the tree. There was a hippo who lounged on a rock under water, coming up for air. When he decided to leave the rock he just rolled off of it and hit the bottom of the water/pool head first. It was pretty funny. I really enjoyed it. I’ll post pictures of all the animals some time. I had such a great time with her! We also did some shopping in San Diego and stuff like that. Great time!
She also got me some facial scrub, aftershave, and moisturizer. Now my face is very soft, lol. I like it! She got me body wash and a mesh sponge. My dad got me a cool book on creation stories from various peoples and a silk shirt, my mom got me a suit, sports coat, belt, tie, and two shirts, and James got me a Star Wars poster.
ZOO! I wish I knew where to post the pictures. This post has been a draft since my birthday so I might as well post it now!