I got into CV. That’s good and bad. Tony’s gonna be my roommate, which is cool. But I do like this place a lot. Plus, now I can’t live with Jon because he didn’t apply to to CV. I wanted to live with him too, and he needs a place. Patrick had other thoughts on housing too. We’ll also have to find two other people or go random. Tony and I ran into Adam at Del Taco yesterday and asked him. He has one other guy and needs another pair but is on the waitlist at spot 200. I pay $555.62 per month here though with $70 or so for utilities. That’s about $626/month. CV is only $357/month. However, with four people Dartmouth would be $508 or so without our crazy cable. I dunno. It’s not that much of a savings, but then it is. Hm. I want to save money. But I also want to live with Jon. And I really don’t want to screw him. Plus, if Herbert gets into UCI, he’d like a place to live… Bah. I don’t know how Tony feels about this either. I should find out.

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  1. theche

    hey man. where are you? don’t be a stranger.
    anywho, so you’re living with tony as in tony as your roommate before? i am confused.

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