Merlin, Chronicles of Amber

This dream was basically based on some books I’ve been reading. You can skip the next paragraph if you want to see my comments on the books without reading my dream.
I had a dream the other night that my father (who was not my real father) was going away on business to either Egypt or Las Vegas. We (some friends and I) wanted to go with him so we cast a spell on our car to follow him. My friend wanted a girl across the street to come too so I called her and invited her, which was weird because I hated her roommate. She said okay. When it was time to leave, the car started flying to the place my dad was at. When we got there, we found the place to be really cool, and we wanted to be able to come back to it but knew we wouldn’t remember nor be able to get to it easily. I had an idea. I went to the library to talk to Merlin so he could make me a trump of the place. I started yelling out his name, realizing that most people would think I was crazy and talking about the fictional Merlin from King Arthur, etc, not the real one (who is, indeed, fictional). I couldn’t find him, but some fat little kid started making fun of me, saying that Merlin wasn’t real and magic didn’t exist. I floated in the air and choked him without touching him until he cried. And that was the end of the dream.
I guess I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the novels. The Amber Chronicles, starting with The Nine Princes In Amber by Roger Zelazny. It’s a ten book series with two five book cycles (one being the original and the other written at a later time) about Amber, the one true city. Amber casts shadows, which are basically dimensions. For instance, we live in shadow. The series is about the royal family of Amber who have the ability to walk through shadow. There’s a lot of magic artifacts in it, magic casting in the second cycle, plotting, family intrigue, back stabbing, and a hell of a lot of sword fighting. It’s very good if you like sci-fi / fantasy. All ten novels can be found in The Great Book of Amber.