I’ve been wanting to reformat for a while, but I needed to make a data partition and move some of my stuff over. I guess I should have had two partitions for a long time. I was going to shrink my partition down and then make a new one. Well, I shrank mine down, but then Partition Magic had to stop because of an error. And the error message? “Too many errors.” So now my drive is much smaller. I look into it, and it’s because of errors with the hard disk, obviously. Can’t find any more information than that. I tried using chkdsk, but it found bad sectors and couldn’t fix them.
Then I noticed that Windows said I had 256 MB of RAM instead of 512 MB. I look inside Mantop and find that one stick is loose, but pushing it in doesn’t fix it. It seems that both sticks are good, but that one port might be bad. I kept fooling with it, and now I think both ports work, just the metal tabs on both ports are bent or screwed up or something. Sucks. I got the memory back in where it’s being held for the most part (although this has happened before and the RAM just seems to fall out). When I boot up, I get to the Windows XP screen with the progress bar, then I get a blue screen of death for an instance, and then Mantop reboots. Can’t get any farther than that.
Now Mantop is using a memory testing application from a Linux boot CD to check the RAM. It’s been going for over three hours, and I don’t know how long it’ll take in total. Hopefully it’ll finish soon. If it doesn’t, hopefully the battery will last for me to move it.