Busy Week

Classic 170 reading for Tuesday. CSE 161 homework due Wednesday. Classic reading for Thursday. Classic paper due Thursday. Lab to do on Thursday. CSE 161 midterm Friday. CSE 121 assignment due Friday. Edward’s party on Friday? Wii comes out Sunday. Classic reading for next Tuesday. CSE 121 quiz next Tuesday.
It’s been a busy week so far, and it’s only Tuesday. It feels much later. Someone from 7 Studios, I believe the founder, came to speak to us in CSE 121 today. It was interesting. He’s a programmer who has been in the gaming industry for about twenty years.
No news on the CLC Lead or CLC positions yet. Everyone’s thinking Adam though. Ali said that I’m one of the few people he would have liked to become lead. That’s pretty cool.
I want to play video games. The Wii should be pretty cool, I think. We shall see.